Ongoing critique of The Twilight Saga… about “thirst”

In a continuing effort to examine elements of The Twilight Saga in light of the Gospel, here are thoughts on the concept of “thirst”:

“O come to the Fountain all you who are thirsty”
Isaiah 55:1  

The Twilight Saga has an interesting twist on the concept of thirst.  Thirst is a negative thing.  Vampires thirst for blood and are helpless in the wake of its power.  It is a destructive force which compels a response, leading to destruction, even of those most beloved.  Father Thomas Dubay has another perspective on thirst.  “You are a thirst in the flesh, an incarnated thirst.  You yearn for endless beauty and joy, endless love and delight, endless security and happiness – and immortality in which to enjoy it all.  You cannot help being an incarnated thirst.  Nor can I.  We were born that way and we will die that way.  We may differ in how we seek to slake our thirst.  Some go up blind alleys.  Others go to the Fountain.  But all seek.” (And You Are Christ’s… p.21/22)  There is perhaps an unconscious symbolism in Bella’s relationship with the vampire, whose thirst is a destructive one. Through her relationship with Edward, she too ends up with a destructive thirst for blood.  It is a thirst which is slaked by use and violence.  It is a fitting manifestation of the life choices they have made.  A well ordered thirst, however, is only slaked by Love.  In our thirst for love, it is Christ Who gives us His Flesh to eat and His Blood to drink – both slaking our thirst and satisfying our hunger.
Bella and Edward yearn… but their yearning is disordered and leads them into an eternal blind alley.  Let’s pray that those reading The Twilight Saga will come to the Fountain instead.


  1. I can relate this bad “thirst” to my current situation. It seems so wrong, when you think about it. It makes you wonder why these books do these things to individuals….

  2. Wow. What a load of crap. Twilight is not demonic, evil and tainting in ANY way. I too am a Christian and I love God. I don’t know ANYONE who was wrongly affected by this book. Get a life, please. It’s just a romantic story.

  3. Dear Alice Cullen –

    I am curious to know how you would define “wrongly affected”.

    God bless.

  4. i, too, agree that twilight is COMPLETELY demonic. it starts you off just thinking about love and happily ever after then slowly lures you in to reading loads of darkness. i, have not seen the movie nor have i read the books but i am not going to set myself up to be trapped by the enemy like the world whos mind now revolves around a demon infested romance. how, you may ask, do i know that it is evil without being exposed to it first, well i do not need to try drugs to know that they arent good for my body. simply by looking into the eyes of the beloved edward on the covers of the series show how dark the books/movies are, and “your eyes are the window to your heart”. why on earth would you completely sell out yourself to a being without a soul? i am constanly confronted on this subject at the CHRISTIAN school which i attend and i do not understtand how they dont see the wickedness behind the romatic mask that twilight has on. the bible says that anything that is not of him is of satan. and i do not see any trace of good in this series and i do not plan to expose my self to the evil.
    p.s. do you have any scripture that backs up your truth??

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