Real love and real beauty go together…

If any of you have heard of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, I think some of their efforts have been a little misguided – but this video really hits the nail on the head.  What is fantasy doing to our ability to relate to reality?  Girls: do you like what happens in this video?  Do you think it is fair?  If not, why not?  



  1. I’m a man, but yes, I do think it is fair. This is nothing new. Artists have always sought to portray the human figure, male and female, in as perfect a way as possible. Very few real people look like Gisele Bundchen. I have no problem with cosmetic and computer alterations as a way to express an idea of perfection. I still find “regular” women attractive, and in fact I prefer women who wear little or no makeup. This is because I believe that makeup cannot make an ugly woman attractive. Extensive plastic surgery and computer alteration certainly can, but as Barack Obama said, if you put makeup on a pig, it is still a pig. I realize that men’s perceptions of beauty can be “distorted” in the sense that they may naively expect real women to be as perfect as what they see onscreen, but I am intelligent enough to distinguish between reality and artificiality. Also, beauty is subjective, so one’s perception of beauty can only be distorted in the views of others.

  2. What I thought was really, really unfair was how they used Photoshop to make her eyes nearly a third bigger.

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