Another quote from Michael O’Brien to help keep us sane…

IMPORTANT UPDATE – there is a new article by Michael O’Brien, written specifically on the Twilight Saga 12/19/09.
I have some excerpts
here but I encourage you to read his entire article here.

Reading Michael O’Brien is like drinking coffee.  Suddenly, you wake up!

Here is a quote for today:

We must ask ourselves why evil concepts, if they are wrapped in the aura of “culture”, now enjoy a special exemption from the normal rules of discernment. Why do we presume that a sensually powerful series of children’s books will not affect a young reader’s interests and activities? Why have we come to assume that the experience of plunging the imagination into that alternative, and ultimately false world, will remain sealed in an airtight compartment of the mind? We must ask ourselves how we arrived at a position where we allow our children to absorb for hours on end, in the form of powerful fiction, activities that we would never permit them to observe or to practice in real life.

Books and films which three generations ago would have been instantly recognized as unhealthy for our children, are now considered acceptable, and those who oppose them alarmist or “hysterical.” Why is this so? Why are threats (recognized for thousands of years as real threats) to our children’s well-being now being interpreted as harmless? To what degree have our judgments been influenced by the pagan worldview — possibly affected to the core? To what degree have we mistaken the assimilation by paganism for legitimate inculturation? What, precisely, is a legitimate adaptation of non-Christian culture? Can we really “baptize” the symbols and activities of the realm of darkness without negative effects? These are particularly urgent questions, because we are no longer the early Christians cleansing a classical pagan temple and consecrating it as a church. We are “Late Western Man,” to use C. S. Lewis’s term, and we are in the midst of a social revolution that is assaulting the truly sacred and degrading it at every turn.

See full text here:



  1. Speaking of harmless – if anyone who rants about Twilight let’s their children watch Disney Channel shows, in my opinion, is a hypocrate.

    Somewhat on topic, since this post is about evil influences.

    Now, Disney Channel doesn’t seem that bad, at first glance. Just a bunch of kids shows. Now, I’m not going to accuse them of being anti-Christian, because that always kind of annoys me. To many of my friends aren’t Christian for that to mean anything. And the Goldne Compass was brillaint, though I really had no idea what it was talking about the first time I read it.

    Anyway. Disney Channel. All the shows either promote 1) stupidity, 2) selfishness, or 3) combination of both.

    I’m still not sure what the plot of Spongebob is supposed to be. It the only one where I haven’t been able to sit though the whole thing, just based on how STUPID it is.

    And six and seven year olds are a lot more impressionable then teenagers. My little brother spends hours impersonating spongebob.

    Fairly Odd Parents is basically a boy who wishes for whatever he wants, without a thought for the concequences or how he’s going to effect others, and gets away with pretty much everything.

    And so on, and so forth.

    Go on, watch it.

    A book can’t cause as much damage as a TV show, because Disney channel is much more widley watched then any of these books.

  2. You are right, Teenage Girl. We need to be really honest about the kind of media we are using, whether it be books, film, tv, music, etc…

  3. I think, Teenage Girl, you mean Nickelodeon, not Disney Channel (which has it’s faults, but the shows you mentioned are aired on Nick, not Disney).

    But I wasn’t posting to correct you I was meaning to add to it –
    The teen offshoot of Nickelodeon , The N, airs shows rated as “PG” that deal extensivly with sex, drugs, and violence. And they show skewed ideas about almost all of the themes dealt with (like the ‘sex is for people who “really love each other”‘ view that so many people seem to have now)

    Soo yeah I’m just adding to what you both said and agreeing that we need to be really carful and pay close attention to the ideas behind all of the media we expose ourselves to.

  4. Both Nick and Disney are bad to children. Just lock the channel on EWTN.

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