Chicago Twilight Convention – Promoter of the Occult

Over the weekend (Feb. 6/7/8), we had a Twilight Convention here in Chicago.  If you are wondering if The Twilight Saga is a gateway into the occult, have a look at some of the speakers crammed in between meet and greets with stars from the Twilight movie and discussions of the movies to come:    
12:30 PM – 1:00PM     Modern Vampirism in Practice & Culture  – Presented by Sebastiaan T. van Houten
Sebastiaan T. van Houten
Sebastiaan is one of the central personalities of the Vampyre/vampire subculture. He joined the community in 1992, an is now known as an authority on Vampyrism, fangsmithing and Strigoi Vii. Sebastiaan is the founder of a number of businesses & organizations including Sabretooth, Endless Night Productions and The Sanguinarium. He has appeared in numerous TV shows, documentaries and publications, including A&E, CNNfn, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, USA, MTV, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, The Financial Times, InStyle Magazine, Glamour & Skin Two.  Sebastiaan is featured in National Vampire.               


Want to know more about “The Sanguinarium?
“The Sanguinarium was a network, community and resource for the vampyre subculture and scene founded in 1995 by Father Sebastian as Clan Sabretooth in New York’s underground club scene.  Inspired by the “vampire connection” of vampire bars, nightclubs and safehouses founded in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, the Sanguinarium serves to bring this vision to life as a real “Vampyre Connection”.  It has expanded to include organizations, businesses, havens and individual members who are united under a code of ethics and morality known as The Black Veil (a.k.a. The Thirteen Rules of the Community).  Although officially disbanded as an actual organization in 2002, the Sanguinarium continues to exist in practice. Anyone, including individuals and Houses, using the terminology and concepts provided by the founders, movers and shakers of the Sanguinarium is considered by them to be a part of the Sanguinarium, and now the Strigoii Vii.                 

The manifesto found on their web page states:

    The Sanguinarium is a network of individuals, social organizations and businesses for which the vampyre/vampire is a metaphor, representing a community interest in fetishism, the Occult, theatrics, art, lore as well as individual and spiritual expression and exploration . . . The Sanguinarium’s final goal and purpose is to bring together all people who enjoy and find pleasure in darkness, occult, vampyrism and dark fetishism.

Father Sebastian (formerly known as Father Todd) operates the Vampyre Almanac, which produces and promotes many club events, publishes and promotes various documents and books, and provides publicity for the Vampyre subculture and BDSM/fetish scene, often mingling the two to provide a unique aesthetic. The newest venture to hit the scene is the Ordo Strigoii Vii (OSV), which is a dark spiritual pathway and Vampyric religion designed for the Vampyre subculture. The OSV is a recognized church in Amsterdam and is supported by the Church of Satan. 

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM  Vampires – The Creatures of the Night
 A slide presentation for all ages by Martin V. Riccardo – the Director of Vampire Studies

Martin V. Riccardo

Martin V. Riccardo is a behavioral hypnotist and the director of Vampire Studies, an information center for vampire fans, which he founded in 1977. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today in relation to his vampire research. Mr. Riccardo has written several books on vampires and many magazine articles. He has communicated with thousands of vampire fans over the years and is one of the cultural experts consulted in National Vampire.  Founded in Chicago in 1977 as the Vampire Studies Society by Martin V. Riccardo, the organization was the first vampire fan club to use the word “vampire” in its name (there had previously been several organizations built around Dracula). For several years the society published a Journal of Vampirism. The word “society” was dropped in 1990 and Vampire Studies now exists as a correspondence network and information clearing-house for people interested in all aspects of vampire lore. 
Here is Amazon’s description of his latest book, Liquid Dreams of VampiresThe vampire is a mutable creature that has gone from the embodiment of evil in folklore to the epitome of the last romantic and erotic taboos of the 20th century. Riccardo explores the role of the modern vampire by gathering personal accounts of dreams, nightmares, and fantasies involving these shadowy blood drinkers. The letters he receives range from tame daydreams to erotic storylines and gory confessions. From these memoirs, the image of the fiend is slowly transformed to a surrogate religious figure and a reflection of the repressed darkness within us.                 

Here are some fan reviews of the book:
With his landmark book, Liquid Dreams of Vampires, Martin Riccardo has once again established himself as America’s foremost authority on Vampires and the occult. His previously well researched publications have been invaluable sources of knowledge for not only the causal student interested in the allures of the fanged-fiend, but also for the academic scholar as well. The dreams portrayed in Liquid reflect a wide variety of emotions and experiences, and the author reflects a common-sense approach to deciphering their meanings. While most people may not have had the nightmarish sensation of a Vampire at their neck, the book does reflect a sense of the unknown everyone can relate to. Seeking the Vampire, like truth itself, goes on . . . 
And another:
Mr. Riccardo relates the fantasies, daydreams, nocturnal dreams, real-life experiences and realities of current living vampires and their victims (victim is a harsh word in most cases). I had been checking out vampire sites for sometime when someone recommended this book. I thought I was in the minority regarding my “vampire” dreams, but I see that there are many others who have had very similar experiences, including the physical manifestation of bite marks (perhaps psychosomatic, perhaps not). I believe that anyone who is interested in vampirism or is a vampire should get the book and read it with an open mind. Many sanguinarian (blood-drinkers) today do not believe that vampirism is transmitted from vampire-to-vampire, but that one is born with vampirism. Perhaps both are true. 
and one more:
So far Liquid Dreams of Vampires is the best book about Vampires that I’ve ever read. Some of the stories are very erotic & informative. This is a book that you’ll never forget! 

So, what does Mr. Riccardo do in his spare time?
Martin V. Riccardo has been lecturing on the subject of vampires for numerous libraries, bookstores, and organizations since 1977.   Like in Forrest Park – see story here.  So, what does Mr. Riccardo have to say about his lecturing?  “Riccardo hopes people who attend his all-ages friendly slide show just have fun with the fantasy image of the vampire and the vicarious thrill of being frightened.”         

Yeah.  I bet. 

For an exorcist’s view on Twilight, click here.





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