Is Twilight Anti-Christian? Yes.

Amidst the throng of Christian supporters of The Twilight Saga who insist that the books are pro-chastity and pro-life (even the actor who plays Edward in the film sees that the pro-chastity claim is false – see this) and that Edward Cullen is a fine example of a virtuous suitor, I would like to up the ante.  I say these books are actually anti-Christian – and that Edward Cullen is an anti-Christ figure.

There was a time (which is thankfully returning) when young children were asked “Why did God make you?” They would be expected to reply: “To know, love and serve Him in this life and to be happy with Him in the next.”  Why was it so important that young children had that memorized?  Because that one little sentence captured the meaning of human life.  It also gave direction.  Anything that I would do that helped me to know, love and serve God and be happy with Him forever was a good thing.  Anything that I might do which prevented me from knowing, loving and serving God and being happy with Him forever was a bad thing.

OK – so, now we need to look at Bella’s reason for living.  Is it consistent with the truth? (And if you are about to say “but this is just fantasy”, please be patient.  I have posted before about the effect fantasy has on our ability to relate to reality.  For example, see the post “Real love and real beauty go together…” or read the posts which lay out Michael O’Brien’s clear thinking on the matter.)

After Bella’s “rebirth” as a vampire in Breaking Dawn, she says, “I was amazing now – to them and to myself. It was like I had been born to be a vampire. The idea made me want to laugh, but it also made me want to sing. I had found my true place in the world, the place I fit, the place I shined.”

With this “rebirth” into the vampire family, (an anti-type of Baptism) Bella embraces the unfortunate consequence that newborn vampires have an insatiable lust for human blood and unparalleled strength, which makes the habitual slaughter of innocents a forgone conclusion.  Or does it?  We discover that this law of vampire nature is not going to apply in Bella’s case.  Why?  Because her will is so strong that she is able to perform the (prior to) impossible. “And then I realized what it might mean, if my ‘superpower’ was no more than exceptional self-control… What if, like Carlisle, I never killed a single person?  What if I could be a good vampire right away?… ‘Have you ever seen an equivalent to self-control as a talent?’ Edward asked Carlisle…’It’s similar to what Siobhan has always been able to do… She has this way of deciding her goals and then almost willing them into reality.” p.466/7  Did you catch that?  Bella has the power to decide her goals – in this case to be a “good vampire” – and then, through her exceptional self-control, she fundamentally wills her goal of not harming anyone into reality. This is a world where God and His grace are unnecessary. Bella saves herself from her bloodlust.

It is not surprising to find this here, and it is directly related to Bella’s stated reason for living.  She has decided that she was “born to be a vampire”.  If she can choose the entire orientation of her life, certainly she can choose to do away with little details she finds unpleasant.  She is the ultimate arbiter of her own destiny.

There are many who do not consider this message problematic.  In fact, this attitude is often considered admirable today.  Unfortunately, the praise for this attitude only serves as a reflection on our loss of humility.  We are creatures, and our Creator has placed us in His world to live according to His decrees.  To claim the power to do anything our own way regardless of or in contradiction to the reality determined by God is fatal pride.  This is the pride of the Garden of Eden, the pride of Babel, the pride of all who would claim no need for a Savior since they can handle things on their own… a common sin in our self-sufficient generation.

That is consistent with Meyer’s use of the apple on the cover of Twilight and the introductory quote from the book of Genesis, of which the author states: “The apple on the cover of Twilight represents ‘forbidden fruit.’ I used the scripture from Genesis (located just after the table of contents) because I loved the phrase ‘the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.’ Isn’t this exactly what Bella ends up with? A working knowledge of what good is, and what evil is.”  Meyer, however, does not give a complete reading of the Scripture in Genesis. Most importantly, she completely evades the consequences of the rebellion. Of this, the Catechism of the Catholic Church (#396) states: “The prohibition against eating ‘of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ spells this out: ‘for in the day that you eat of it, you shall die’.” Adam and Eve choose to act in defiance of God’s law.  They quickly found out that such an act was not liberating – it was fatal to their souls.  God, in His mercy, did not look at them in disgust and say “I told you so!” – rather, he immediately promised them a Savior in the proto-Evangelium (“first Gospel”) of Genesis 3:15.  Only the humility of the God-man, culminating in His Self-offering on the Cross, would atone for the infinite offense of His proud creatures.

We get no indication in the Twilight Saga that Bella’s pride has any consequences at all – only “rewards”.  So what does Bella experience by becoming a vampire?  A greater ability to “enjoy” the “forbidden fruit” that is Edward: “I could really appreciate him now… He was all new, a different person as our bodies tangled gracefully into one on the sand-pale floor.  No caution, no restraint.  No fear – especially not that. We could love together – both active participants now.  Finally equals… I was never going to get tired, and neither was he.  We didn’t have to catch our breath or rest or eat or even use the bathroom; we had no more mundane human needs.  He had the most beautiful perfect body in the world and I had him all to myself, and it didn’t feel like I was ever going to find a point where I would think, Now I’ve had enough for one day.  I was always going to want more.  And the day was never going to end. So in such a situation, how did we ever stop?”  p.482/3.
If we can refrain for a moment from laughing at the silliness of the writing (she is speaking here about how great it is to be able to engage in sexual activity without ever stopping because she doesn’t have to go to the bathroom anymore!) we see the deeper point: the purpose of Bella’s life had become knowing, loving and serving Edward and being happy with him forever.

In the Twilight Saga Bella finds, in Edward, total fulfillment – in a day that was “never going to end” (thus the title Breaking Dawn).  Of course, this language immediately draws the Christian mind to the “endless day” brought about by Christ, the Savior.  “Salvation” for Bella comes as a consequence of surrendering her soul in order to live a supposed never ending day as a vampire.  Here,  power, beauty and unrestricted sterile sex with her blood drinking vampire spouse become the equivalent of paradise – the “happily ever after”, as the final chapter of Breaking Dawn is called. Of course, salvation can only be found in the Person and Eternal Reign of Jesus Christ (Col. 3:1-11), the One Who gives His Blood as a ransom. The “promise” presented in The Twilight Saga is the same found in the garden of Eden, whispered by the serpent… “You will not die.  For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Gen. 3:4-5) Meyer turns Revelation on its head, suggesting that the snake is right. Bella eats the forbidden fruit and gets everything she wants as a consequence. In this way, the Twilight Saga is anti-Gospel and Edward is an anti-Christ.  DON’T FALL FOR IT!  IT’S A LIE!

Part two: Meyer’s says she is “anti human” – why is this anti-Christian?  Read here.

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  1. ,,When I read the reason why twilight considered as anti-christ and compare it to the movie that I watched. It is truly contradicted to the scripture written in the holy bible.

  2. Cell phone post:

    LDS does not believe in Original Sin. LDS teaches heaven is your own world with the husband as god. It all makes sense for LDS.

    see Wikipedia LDS Original sin and ” Lds adam and eve”

    Now do the messed up morals make sense?

  3. While I appreciate you trying to inform people about “Twilight” and the dangers you believe it to possess, I cannot help but point out your egregious misquotations from the book. Quotations taken out of context not only make your arguments for “Twilight” being anti-christian invalid, but they also make you seem entirely uneducated and rather ridiculous.

    If you’re going to “up the ante” by making such claims about this book (which you, by all means, have every right to), I suggest you know what you’re talking about and understand the context of these quotes before you begin.

    -Just Another Believer

  4. Dear “Just Another Believer” –
    You have not pointed out any egregious misquotations.
    Nor have you cited context.
    Many people who attempt to defend these books do what you have accused me of – use proof text to ignore the negative elements.
    Everything I have cited is in the books.

  5. I do not believe you have taken any of these quotes out of context.

    As a Twilight reader (used to be an avid fan) who has read each installment of the series numerous times I recognize each quote and they are not taken out of context and completely valid to prove your point.

    And I agree, the themes and values threaded into the story are contrary to a life of Christ-following. Basically what’s going on is idolatry and blatant denial of God’s purpose for our lives. Bella places Edward above everything else in her life. God is really not anywhere in there at all, least of all at the top where He should be.

    People say, ‘Well teenage girls aren’t going to go try and find a vampire to fall in love with, this is fantasy and they know that!’. But they miss what girls will do – start to believe in and agree with Bella’s point of view on life and place finding that perfect guy and committing their entire being to him at the top of their priorities.

    So I applaud you for taking a stand and posting your views despite it being such a popular series.

  6. Seriously? You try to prove that Twilight is Anti-Christian and this is what you come up with?

    Let’s see what you have here:
    1. Bella lives for the one she loves, not God. Try to find a modern book for teenagers in which characters live for God. Go ahead, try. These days, most works of literature don’t bother with God out of respect for the large number of people who don’t believe in God and don’t want it shoved down their throats. In addition, religion is often unnecessary to the plot. Not mentioning God in a fantasy novel cannot be taken as antiChristian. And neither can living for someone/something other than God. Most true believers live for other reasons.

    2. Bella can be good without God’s aid. That’s antiChristian?! Being able to Choose not to kill people without praying to God is bad? I’m sorry/scared that you think that.

    3. Didn’t God give us free will? Or does your Bible not mention that stuff?

    4. Fruit of knowledge. Eve chose to accept pain and suffering in exchange for knowledge. She gave up ignorance. Could we truly be happy if it was simply because we were stupid? Don’t try to say I’ve misinterpretted Genesis, I’m simply showing you another opinion on a section of the Bible often accepted as little more than an excuse to show how horrible we women are to men. See? My interpretation was better than that.

    5. Day that was “never going to end.” In Breaking Dawn, it has nothing to do with the Bible, it’s just Bella being happy to be with her husband. Nowhere does it say she surrendered her soul, that’s just your interpretation. Married couples are allowed to (and generally supposed to) have sex and enjoy it. If her paradise is being with the one she loves, how can that be wrong? Are we seperated from our spouses in Heaven? Meyer does not “turn Revelation on its head.” Revelation is not about vampires.

    This is the worst antiTwilight rubbish I have ever seen. There is plenty of things in those books you could have twisted into being antiChristian (well, plenty may be a bit much. My grandparents liked it and they consider most things antiChristian) and you’ve chosen simply to make your religion look like an idiot. As a Christian, I am offended how you’ve chosen to misrepresent the religion.

  7. Dear Lee –

    When you come up against something you may not understand, try to approach with a spirit of humility.
    Whether people are willing to accept it or not, the fact of the matter is we have all been created by God and we are sustained in being by God at every moment of our existence. God does not need to be shoved down anyone’s throat. He knit that very throat together while they were growing in their mother’s womb. The throat people do not want God shoved down would vanish from existence if God’s love for them was not keeping it in existence. God is already there…
    Having said that, it is not respectful to lie. Do I show respect for my child – a child who does not believe that 2+2=4 – if I avoid mentioning that 2+2 IS 4? No. If I avoid telling my child the truth… THAT is disrespectful. It shows that I have such little concern for my child that I really don’t care if he is right or wrong.
    God exists, my friend. There is no such thing as not bothering to mention God out of respect for someone. If I fail to mention God – God Who is the author of our very being and calls us into relationship with Him as His children – I more likely show contempt than respect for the person.
    Which leads me to my next point. A book doesn’t have to use the word “God” in order to show forth a worldview that is consistent with Christianity. Two very popular series of books that have been made into movies recently are the Lord of the Rings trilogy and now the Chronicles of Narnia. There are two excellent examples of children’s literature where the authors write very well and write to convey eternal truths. If you want to do some investigation regarding children’s literature, go to You’ll find many things there that are neither corrupting nor anti-Christian.
    You must love the Lord your God with your whole heart, your whole mind, and all your strength. Anyone or anything that prevents that love of God or replaces it is a form of idolatry – this is common, perhaps, but nevertheless wrong and a violation of the 1st Commandment. Does this mean we cannot love our family or friends? Of course not. But our love for others must always flow from our love of God and never be a hindrance to it. (For example – if I love my mother, but my mother wants me to have an abortion, which would take the life of my unborn child and therefore be immoral – I must put my love for God over my love for my mother and refuse to do what my mother wants me to do.) Bella “loved” Edward to the point of stating that she did not care if she lost her soul in order to become a vampire… that is idolatry.
    Yes, it is completely anti-Christian to say that you can be good without God’s aid. Again – God is our Creator, we are mere creatures. He – in the Person of Jesus Christ – is also our Savior. We can do nothing good without the grace of God. Period. Any good you do, Lee, is a gift of God’s grace. I am sorry and scared that you do not know that, because if any of us rely solely on our own strength, we fail.
    God gave us the incredible gift of free will, which means we have the opportunity to choose to do that which is good. That is a fundamental aspect of what it means to be a human person. Our free will separates us from animals and plants – we have what is called a “rational soul” . Yes, you can see evidence of it in the Bible, but it can also be known by natural reason, and ancient philosophers (like Aristotle who wrote De Anima: On the Soul) were aware of this reality – so avoid the condescending language, please. It is important to note – however – that our freedom is not absolute. We cannot simply will our own version of reality into being. I do not have the freedom to choose to be something I am not simply by the power of my will. In that sense, we are not the ultimate arbiter of our own destiny. Only God’s Will is pure act – meaning, He Wills and it is. God said “let there be light” – and there was light. This also applies to moral actions. God has a rule book that it is impossible for us to re-write.
    In the Garden, Eve chose to believe the serpent instead of God. The serpent suggested that God didn’t want her to eat of the tree because He was trying to keep something from Eve. She lost her trust in God and trusted instead in a deceiver and in her own judgment in opposition to God. That is pride.
    In Genesis, this disobedience has consequences. Humanity (not just women, by the way – Adam ate, too) fell from grace and needed a Savior. In Twilight, Bella’s pride is rewarded with everything she has ever wanted – thus making it look like the serpent was right: if you act in pride to get what you want, you win. That is the way Revelation is turned on its head. I never said Revelation is about vampires.
    Bella is completely willing to surrender her soul. There is no definitive statement in the book that says “and then her soul left” – but Edward sure does believe she will lose her soul in becoming a vampire. That is the main reason he doesn’t want her “turned”. It is not my “interpretation” – it is Edward’s belief – and Bella really doesn’t care one way or the other, which is the important thing. She says she doesn’t care if that is what it takes to be with Edward.
    For those who have studied Scripture, they will be familiar with the use of terms like “never ending day” as referring to the Reign of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter what Bella thinks “her” paradise is – because she is wrong. There is one paradise. You either get there or you don’t. And it is not with Edward – it is with Jesus.

  8. Personally I have never read the Twilight books, nor do I intend to. I think there is a much better pool of fantasy and fiction novels out there for young adults to read — but that is neither here nor there.

    I know that Twilight is currently a huge fad and that, because it obviously goes against your beliefs, this is why you are paying it so much attention, but the Twilight books are hardly the worst things out there. I go into bookstores and see preteen girls picking out something to read in the ADULT romance novel section, and even my classmates in high school used to read this sort of thing. Why not focus your message on those books? With their graphic and frequent sex scenes, Twilight looks innocent.

  9. Dear Nicole –
    I agree with you – there are much worse things out there than Twilight. I also agree with you that it is a huge fad, so I am paying a lot of attention to it. I think huge fads have a lasting impact on our culture, for better or for worse. I think criticism of the worse books (for example, “adult” romance novels) is implied based on what I have written on this site.

  10. Why does Jesus always have to get in the way with you guys? I mean talk about party pooper….the minute something starts to look remotely entertaining you have to drag his name into it…

    Jesus is dead, ok? So do yourself a favour and get over it.

  11. And what’s so evil about the cullen vampires anyway? They seem a whole lot better than some of the serial rapists / pot-addicts that you find in the bible.

  12. Dear Buckbeak –

    I am being generous and allowing your comment to appear. You are wrong, and perhaps allowing your comment to be posted will encourage others to pray for you.
    However, I will not be as gracious in the future if your comments cross the bounds of decency, so just be aware of that.

  13. I like your answers Kaiya 🙂

    Anyhoo, when I first started reading the series (like some others) I didn’t think it was written very well. The book was extremely frustrating.

    Making a long story short, the question I still ask myself now is, how did I become so unhealthily addicted and spiritually affected by a series I could hardly stand to read?”

    This whole series was like a stronghold I didn’t want and couldn’t seem overcome. I became uncontrollably obsessed over this make-believe world the created. And fell into a pit of manic-depressive-suicidal state.

    All the while, I ignored that small voice inside of my heart telling me to let it go. And now that I made the fist-clenching effort to sell them I really feel relieved of something spiritually upsetting that I wasn’t able to explain.

    This is just my personal experience with these books. Please don’t think I’m trying to “sway” anyone’s opinion. Don’t have that kind of influence.

  14. Martin – LDS is associated with the occult as well.

  15. i just began looking into this book when my 12 yr old started to read it. I have been reading some of the comments about how Bella puts Edward above all. Dont you think that there is a possibility that a Catholic girl could read this and as shes reading say to herself ;”this is how we are supposed to view Christ” I wonder if any of the girls are realizing this’ knowing that the book is fiction……

  16. Dear Bonnie –

    I think it is possible they may idolize Edward, but I think it is unlikely that they are thinking that they should view Christ as they view Edward. As you will notice in the interview with Robert Pattinson, he speaks to the effect his character has on young girls – the reaction is more one of lust than love. That is not an effect that Christ would have on a girl. I think Twilight capitalizes on a girl’s desire to be loved, but not in a good way. Because Bella idolizes (and by this I mean makes an idol of) Edward, she has a faulty moral compass. All right and wrong – in Bella’s idolatrous world – is determined by her ability to be with Edward. This relationship cannot serve as a metaphor for the relationship between Christ and the soul because love for Christ restores and properly orders our moral compass. Let me explain. We do not lie to our parents because we love Christ. We do not contemplate suicide or other means of hurting ourselves because we love Christ. We do not think it is ok to lose our souls because we love Christ. We do not beg someone to have pre-marital sex with us if we think of them as Christ. I could go on, but you probably get the point. Christ is the Beloved who gives His blood to save His people from sin. The vampire is the anti-type of Christ – whose very existence demands the blood of victims. Devotion to Edward leads Bella further away from what is true, good and beautiful – which is the opposite of devotion to Christ.

  17. I am so glad my friend found out about this. at first i thought “o she quotes the bible its ok” but i did not think of what she was implying. maybe she didn’t intentionally imply anything, but u r defanitely right. i hav heard of someone leaving their window open hoping a vamp will enter! its time to wake from our dissilusionment. there are plenty of great books in the world that don’t involve denying God’s natural course. if we fill our minds with authors like ted dekker and karen kingsbury surely we shall be just as satisfied in our readings and come closer to God. He is worth it so we must turn from this! i don’t know about u guys, but those books seriously get into ur head! for some reason it would constantly b there. make ur own decisions, it is for none of us to judge if u still read them but as for me and my house, i shall serve the Lord!

  18. I think to say that this is Anti-Christian is incorrect. I have not read the books yet,only seen the movie,and I like it pretty well. Aside from this debate,I think the story flow has something lacking,but I think it’s pretty interesting. And it’s growing on me. But back to the Religious views of it,why bring that into it? Because it is supposed to quote the Bible? Why are you assuming that the Bible is even Real in this universe? I am only meaning to state my beliefs here,but exactly what proof do you have that the Bible is even true? Tell me why? Because God says so? The Bible says so? That doesn’t prove anything. I once heard a preacher say that the Greek version of a word we see in the Bible as “work” (though I would like to study the OLD versions in Greek) that the original? Greek alphabet of it actually truly translates to a word in english meaning “energy”. This same word,they always put in english Bible as the english word “work”. World of difference. Something’s not right there,why didn’t they just make it “energy”? How many humans could have corrupted this? And is the base of it True? Where is this base? When they were inspired? How do we know this? Please tell me how you know. If someone believes in this,that is their Faith,but how can you say God is Real? I really don’t think we can have this knowledge here. And also when you say that you would not have an abortion if your mother wanted you to have one,and the reason to not would be to not sin against God,that sounded more important than the desire to not have one because you wouldn’t want to kill your unborn child? Now that’s scary! No matter what’s true! And about humans,the Bible says most of them are going to Hell,I think that a human has a choice whether to be Good or Evil,BUT,Human Nature is very wicked. This consists of base desires that are purely selfish. So I am Anti-Human Nature,not Anti-Human. I don’t dislike the rare ones that act with compassion and sense. But someone trying to force their belief of God on others is not acting with these,because it is over all our heads,and none of us know everything. It’s forcing someone to believe in it to say you know for sure that God is real. Why not preach to people saying this is what you believe? You can believe if you want. Saying that you KNOW God is real is wrong. I would like to know the Real Truth about this existence,but the Bible may or may not be it,or based in it. Only concrete proof would confirm this.

  19. Dragonbaby,
    You asked a lot of good questions. Just as you believe, without any proof, that we cannot have “this knowledge “, referring to that of God, etc., and many other propositions you gave here that you believe, so, also, can others believe that there is a God, and that He is the author of the Bible and of our salvation. Can we prove this scientifically? No – ust as many theories out there cannot be proved scientifically, yet people believe them and would and do stake their lives and reputation on that belief. If you have a Bible, or can get one, can you read the book of Romans, or at least Romans 1:18-21 and 2:12-16? God has put the knowledge of Him in everyone of us – the unseen can be known through those things which can be seen. He has also put a law in the heart of every man. Why do all nations follow a code of law, especially when you follow your logic that humans are basicaly wicked (also a biblical truth)? What is amazing to me is that there is any restraint at all. Why is there? It can only be explained, I believe, by the truth found in Romans. I do not desire to push this truth down anyone’s throat. I couldn’t if I wanted to. Only God can reveal himself in a special way to a person. although he has given us all the general revelation of himself in nature, in creation, and in the law written in our hearts. There are many reasons why I believe the Bible is authored by God, but there is not room to go into that here. There are good books out there that you can read to find out how the Bible came to us. If you would like to research this, just let me know. But if you are looking for proof that you can touch and feel, as with most other things in life, you will not find it. We all come to our beliefs because of faith – ALL of us, Christian, atheist, LDS, evolutionists, psychologists, muslim, on and on. Pray that God will reveal himself to you. That is what Cornelius did in the book of Acts, and God sent Peter to teach him about God and Christ Jesus.

  20. Having watched the film but not read the books, I can only comment on my interpretation of the first install which may not necessarily be correct or in context until I have read the complete saga. I am youth leader in the UK and have for last six months used films, mainly Christian made to prompt heatlhy bible discussions that fit with real life scenarios. As my title states I am confused. I am confused because a lot of my youth group have seen the film and a couple have even read the books (being that they are teens). Teens tend to go and watch the latest films particularly when they cause so much debate like this one. My confusion comes from the question “what I should do about it?” Do I promote a conversation/discussion night about the film and do I attempt to bring back some of the misleading morals, and disguised evils in the film. Saying that, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at some of the scenes in the film and how some good positive discussion that could come from them. One particular line in the film jumped out at me. Bella was driving to the dance studio to replace her mum for herself, the narrative had her saying (sorry might misquote, but the point is there) “I’ve always wondered how I would die, I guess dieing for someone you love is a good way to go.” If there is was any quote from any film that could help to emphasise and bring up the sacrificial substition of Jesus Christ then that was it!!

    Now i realise I might get slammed for that comment but I felt it warranted a conversation with my young people.

    I don’t think there is any benefit in discussing chastity as I don;t think the film stands in a good place, Edward does not choose “a no sex realtionship” out of love for Bella but out of fear for his dark lust. Which is the wrong way to look at sex before marriage. Also the film doesn’t handle temptation that well either as it glamorises the vampires and almost tries to make them look damned and good at the same time which is unhealthy for Christians to see. When Edward revealed himself to the Sun (philosophy, particularly plato sees the Sun as the source of all knowledge, almost like a God presence) he was shown as having a beautiful glimmering face almost angelic looking. This is also challenging to bring any kind of Christian relevance and like I said the author is almost showing the vampires (vegetarian vampires) as being moral/good as well as eternally damned.

    There is much more that I could bring up but my summary is this. It is inevitable that our teenagers will watch the films or read these books and it is important that we enter into healthy Christian conversations to help them determine the important truths about our relationship with God and not to be seduced or have a diluted faith at the hands of popular culture.

  21. Dear Puzzled Christian –

    I think you raise some excellent points/questions.
    To answer the first question re: having read the 1st book/seen the movie – yes, the series does get darker as it goes on – so the worst of it is yet to come for you. I work with youth, so I decided to read the entire series. I’m very glad I did, because I was able to form a view of the whole story and provide credible critique.
    What to do about it? Well – Twilight has to be addressed, because, as you say – tons of teenagers (and others) are reading it.
    I always tell those who haven’t read it yet not to bother, and I tell them why I think they shouldn’t bother. I think reading the books can be occasions of sin, so I don’t hold studies of the books or anything of that nature. However, I am happy to discuss the books with those who have read them.
    I think using the quote about dying for someone you love is fair enough – you can take it because it is familiar to the kids, but then you can put it in its proper context. Bella had problems because she was willing to sacrifice everything for something other than God… in this case, she is willing to sacrifice all for a relationship that harmed her. Nothing and no one other than God is worthy of that kind of total surrender. God has to be first – seek His Kingdom and all will be added. I think you can point out that Bella’s relationship with Edward is a kind of idolatry as a consequence. Jesus’ Sacrifice, on the other hand, was from His complete surrender to His Father. “Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass before me – but – not my will but Thine be done.
    I think your assessment regarding the lack of chastity in the series is correct – and it only gets worse as it goes on. You’ll get to a point in the third book where Bella is begging Edward to have sexual intercourse with her. Not healthy.
    Yes – Vampires are made out as the heroes in all this – I mean, if you watch the film and see all the Cullens round the tv watching a cooking show in order to feed Bella on her visit, who wouldn’t want that kind of kind, loving family around them?! You get no sense of how evil it was for the “father” to have turned them into vampires without their consent. And it encourages the lie that anything is better than death – even living forever as a vampire. Not true. If you have lived well, death brings a reward and should not be avoided by changing into a soul-less, immortal being.
    Also, I agree that temptation is handled badly. There is a constant presence of pride throughout the book – that ultimately, we can save ourselves and have our way. Death is a punishment for sin – but I can overcome death by myself by becoming a vampire. (Then who needs Christ?) I can overcome temptations by my own will power – so who needs grace? Later on in the series, we see Bella overcoming the normal killing spree of newborn vampires by her own will power. (No consequences for her bad decisions.)
    So – yes – point out the flaws in these things. I think you will do a fine job. But I wouldn’t screen the film in order to do it, nor would I assign the books as reading in order to do it. Just discuss with those who are already into it. It is not inevitable that everyone will succumb to the series. I know this from experience.
    God bless your work!

  22. well i would like to say that i do not agree that its ok to or have any thing to with twilight movies, videos or anything else, the bible tells us to stay away from witch craft, sourcery and anything related to evil and darkness.

  23. “Whether people are willing to accept it or not, the fact of the matter is we have all been created by God and we are sustained in being by God at every moment of our existence.”

    Please don’t use the word “fact” when talking about “belief” and “faith”. It offends me and encroaches upon my own “beliefs”. Thanks.

    Do people like you honestly have nothing better to do than pick apart adolescent entertainment like Harry Potter and Twilight in order to benefit your own agenda? For (Editor’s note – misusing the Lord’s Name is not acceptable on this site. I will remove blasphemous language – like I just did) sake. Get a life. Oh right, your life is devoted to God, so you’re actually doing His work right now. If this is what God wants, S/He is a sad, sad entity who I imagine listens to emo music while cutting him or herself, shortly after writing some teen angst poetry. People only read into what they want to read into. Someone with no religious affiliation whatsoever will not view this as anti-Christian, not that I actually care if they do, and neither should you. Censor for yourself whatever you want, but stop the mindless crusade on other’s psyches.

    You’re hurting our youth, whether you want them to believe in God or not. I’m not saying that Twilight is a Pulitzer Prize winner, but by trying to silence imagination and creativity, you are hurting our youth. You can decide that God doesn’t want anyone to have thoughts other than Him/Her, but that god is a sadistic and ridiculous one. This post is so self-righteous, narcissistic and retarded. I’m scared that my kids might grow up with yours.

    Do what you want and hit me with some contradicting Bible quotes or some condescending smarm about how you’ll pray for me, or won’t pray for me; whatever. I really feel sorry for you.

  24. Dear Jules –
    I am very specific in my word choice. I say “fact” when I mean it.
    It is a fact that we have been created and are sustained in being by God. Your denial of that truth does not make it untrue. It just means that you are ready to deny what is real. God’s existence can be known by philosophy – there are 5 philosophical proofs for the existence of God. Natural reason can recognize this truth. Before you make claims to the contrary, engage in some serious philosophical inquiry. Read Aristotle’s Metaphysics before making claims about the difference between Faith and Reason. The “science” which claims there is no Creator has been shown time and time again to be seriously lacking – on scientific grounds. For an entertaining examination of this situation, you can watch Ben Stein’s “Expelled”.

  25. ok well i am glad my kids dont grow up with yours, its ppl like u that allow stuff into our movie theaters and through music that damages the youtrh of today i am doing Gods work right nowq in michigan gettingyuoth away from that garbage that you think is ok. films llike twiligght and those pother “youth entertainment” things that you say are not bad are bringing yuoth to pratice things that are protrade in those films.

    i am not going to give u bible verses cause u dnt beleive in it any way, i hope u find god and see that he tells as to gaurd our mind from the evil things of this world.

    god bless

  26. Please. I’m not going to deny or refute whether a god exists; that was not the point of my comment. What one believes their own God’s purposes or desires or even forms are are not fact. There are far too many religions and beliefs in the world for any of us to be absolutely right. That you think that makes what you say that more invalid to me. Not that this matters, but I’m not exactly an Atheist; I’m just not willing to commit to a single specific view of which I have no absolute verification. That’s reserved for faith.

    Jonathan: keep your kids away from any media and creativity you don’t like and burn your own books if it makes you happy. Just don’t try to force others to follow suit if they’re not willing. I hope you find spellcheck.

  27. Dear Jules –
    You are correct that committing to a specific religion requires faith.
    To be a Christian, one must accept that God has revealed Himself to be Three Persons in one God (the Trinity).
    That is not a Truth that we can come to by reason. The only way we can know the doctrine of the Trinity is by Revelation.
    It is beyond the scope of the human mind to penetrate the mystery.
    Another fundamental mystery of Christianity is belief in the Incarnation.
    To believe that the Second Person of the Holy Trinity became man while remaining God – and that He had two Natures (one human, one Divine) in one Person is something beyond human comprehension. We accept it as an article of Faith.
    That is why I wanted to be very specific about what I said.
    We can know the existence of God purely through the use of human reason – it is not an act of Faith. It does not depend on Revelation.
    To say that I believe in the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Three Persons in One God – and that Jesus Christ is the Incarnate Word – IS an act of Faith. It does depend on Revelation.
    However, it is a logical fallacy to claim that there is nothing which is absolutely right (true) because many opinions exist.
    Many opinions can depart from the truth. That doesn’t make the truth false.

  28. firstly i want to say that i cannot help my spelling so sorry bout that.
    secondly i am open minded about religion and agree no one religion is 100% accurate, however, I follow the bible and jesus christs as i feel this is the most accurate one that i find, i do not force my beliiefs on any one but i will not stand by why ppl like you make light of the fact that the mesia is damaging our kids along with the music industry.

  29. Why do you think a movie like Twilight is damaging our youth? Because it’s anti-Christian? That’s basically what this whole thing is about. Do you know what happens to kids who watch and love Twilight? They become giddy, excitable teenyboppers who squeal at the sight of Robert Pattinson. Is that really what you’re concerned about? It’s so weird to me that you’re choosing to focus on a movie geared toward youth that doesn’t glamorize drugs or even violence. You seem to feel this way because these movies and music don’t subscribe to praising Christianity or what you believe are Christian values. If I’m wrong about your intentions, please elaborate. I understand taking issue with, say, a movie aimed at children where the protagonist gets super powers from sniffing magic white powder. But a fantasy movie about a girl falling in love with a handsome vampire who, by the way, embraces a sense of mortality by refusing to see humans as food (talk about a vampire who has moral values!)? That’s hardly cause for parental outcry.

    Want to really damage our kids? Stifle their sense of self-expression (not limitless), suppress their natural druthers, and teach them intolerance for people of different colors, creeds, and various orientations. This is a fool-proof way to ensure children grow up to be damaged adults and “some” people seem to be doing a good job of this already.

  30. i think its damaging cause it gets kids to focus on superpowers and the dark side, they have just glamortised it to make ppl like you think its ok. I think all media that protrays magic, witches, vampires, drugs, sex, should not be allowed to b shown to youths, because they get desensitised to it , meaning at first twilight will scare them then they will become ok with it, then they will need something more scary or magical to get them going, it is the same with drugs, and the movie and music industry knows what it is doing, it is preparing the youth for the next generation of movies and music which will be more vile and wrong that now, example, if twilight had been released say 100 years ago there would ahve been a puplic out cry saying its against God and so on, but since the 60’s the media have slowly brought things in so we wont notice and slowly but surely we are becoming a aceeptance society, not reacting to immoral movies or videos. I have first hand experince on what happenes to yuoth when they watch stuff like twilight, they become invloved with the supernatural, maybe innocent at first. but soon it becomes a dangerous game.

    I hope your children do not go throguh what a lot of children, who you dnt knw about cause they are not put in the media, go throguh.

  31. I would like to propose a very different point of view. First of all, it is important that you understand what we agree on. I know that you are completely right (consider this brief statement to encompass all it implies) that the whole point of living is to get to Heaven, and in the Catholic Church God has showed us the way. I would like for you to consider the possibility that the Twilight books might be potentially helpful in that. I understand your concerns about the possibility that certain aspects of the books might lead some people astray. I do not think that we can condemn any gift from God just because some people abuse the gift, or fail to see God’s goodness in it. For instance, clearly God meant for wine to be a gift to us. The scriptural references are too many to enumerate in this small space- I will mention here only the wedding at Cana. Because some people have suffered from taking this gift in a wrong way, other people consider that it is no gift at all, but rather an evil. People who deny the goodness of the gift of wine completely are as wrong in a different way as alcoholics.

  32. People go to Hooters because they say the wings are great. Some say they read Playboy because of the good articles (even Randall Terry did an interview in Playboy because he said he wanted to reach an audience who wouldn’t usually hear his message). St. John Vianney – who is being declared the Universal Patron of all Priests by Pope Benedict XVI in this Year of Priesthood – would not have tolerated those kinds of justifications from his flock. Here is a quote from his Little Catechism:

    “ON LUST
    Lust is the love of the pleasures that are contrary to purity.
    No sins, my children, ruin and destroy a soul so quickly as this shameful sin; it snatches us out of the hands of the good God and hurls us like a stone into an abyss of mire and corruption. Once plunged in this mire we cannot get out, we make a deeper hole in it every day, we sink lower and lower. Then we lose the faith, we laugh at the truth of religion, we no longer see Heaven, we do not fear Hell. O my children! how much are they to be pitied who give way to this passion! How wretched they are! Their soul, which was so beautiful, which attracted the eyes of the good God, over which He leant as one leans over a perfumed rose, has become like a rotten carcass, of which the pestilential odor rises even to His throne. …
    See, my children! Jesus Christ endured patiently, among His Apostles, men who were proud, ambitious, greedy – even one who betrayed Him; but He could not bear the least stain of impurity in any of them; it is of all vices that which He has most in abhorrence: “My Spirit does not dwell in you,” the Lord says, “if you are nothing but flesh and corruption.” God gives up the impure to all wicked inclinations of his heart. He lets him wallow, like the vile swine, in the mire, and does not even let him smell its offensive exhalations….The immodest man is odious to everyone, and is not aware of it. God has set the mark of ignominy on his forehead and he is not ashamed; he has a face of brass and a heart of bronze; it is in vain you talk to him of honour, of virtue; he is full of arrogance and pride. The eternal truths, death, judgment, Paradise, Hell – nothing terrifies him, nothing can move him. So, my children, of all sins, that of impurity is the most difficult to eradicate. Other sins forge for us chains of iron, but this one makes them of bull’s hide, which can be neither broken nor rent; it is a fire, a furnace, which consumes even the most advanced old age. See those two infamous old men who attempted the purity of the chaste Susannah; they had kept the fire of their youth even till they were decrepit. When the body is worn out with debauchery, when they can no longer satisfy their passions, they supply the place of it, oh, shame! by infamous desires and memories.”

    How many infamous desires and memories are being stirred up in the heart of those reading this saga? It is not a misuse of the text. IT IS IN THE TEXT ITSELF – as the impurity is in Hooters and Playboy. Twilight IS an abuse. Recognizing that is a way of extolling the beauty of true love and intimacy.

  33. Desire is in the text, as is also self sacrificing love and self restraint. Unbridled desire is very popular in our culture. This is the only popular modern book which extols self restraint. The self restraint only makes sense in the context of the desire.

    In a different thread I asked what books you would recommend for young people, and you suggested books which have potential problems, some of which I hinted at. Clearly a book does not have to be absolutely pure for you to think that it is good. Perhaps the more truly Catholic attitude would be to find the good in the Twilight books, and use that to help develop the morals of those attracted to the work. I also noticed that the books you did recommend were all fairly old books. Are there any modern books by currently writing authors you would consider praiseworthy?

  34. People need to relax! This is a fiction novel series. Regardless of what is in it, the focus should not be on what is “bad about it” but rather that it is FICTION! Get off your high hourses and come down to the humility of CHRIST and actually go and reach out and love people. i.e. Point them to Christ rather than just away from something else.

    Christianity has become more about being seperate than being set appart. About being another nation rather than ambassadors. Following Christ is about being counter cultural not anitcultural or seperate culture.

  35. I agree with reaching out to the lost, but we are told in scripture to stay away from the dorces of darkness and also the appereance of evil. Twilight maybe fiction but there are people who beleive in vampires and get really messed up by them, which movies like this only add to their fanitsy. are challenge christians who say its just a book or its not that bad to watch a film called “time Changer”. its about how we get so desenitised to stuff that it no llonger bothers us. our kids are getting the idea that if it feels good do it. this book may seem harmless but what it represents is how tolerant we have become to the things that The Bible tells us to stay away from.

    we need to be witnesses for Christ which means not staying silent when we see something that is wrong coming into our towns and cities. the devil wdoes his work discreetly so we get use to the bad sex, drugs bad language and stuff. WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION. either you make a stand now, or our children will take the fall later.

    god bless

  36. and a side not, i have had an experince with a teenager who thought she was a vampire and trust me the devil works through people who feel theyv are in touch with the dark site

  37. Aw, come on!
    Stephenie Meyer is just a housemom who wanted to write a story.
    The story is about vampires because that’s exciting. Please!

    If you think Twilight is anti – Christian, than everything’s a complot against Christian, except the church itself!

  38. I found this on the net:
    A housewife named Stephenie Meyer “received” the story of Twilight in a dream on June 2, 2003. The vision she had of a vampire and mortal as lovers compelled her to start writing the story immediately. She says she couldn’t resist the drive to write down her dream (a similar scenario to J.K Rowlings, author of Harry Potter). Meyer gives a summary of that first dream: “I woke up (on that June 2nd) from a very vivid dream. In my dream, two people were having an intense conversation in a meadow in the woods. One of these people was just your average girl. The other person was fantastically beautiful, sparkly, and a vampire. They were discussing the difficulties inherent in the facts that A) they were falling in love with each other while B) the vampire was particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, and was having a difficult time restraining himself from killing her immediately.” Within three months, she had the entire novel written. Within six-months, it had been dreamed, written, and readied for publishing.

    She admits she had little to no prior writing experience with only a B.A. degree in English and had to learn from the Internet how to submit a book proposal. She tried a few times and “miraculously” got published with a $750 thousand dollar publishing contract! Miraculous happenings have been known to come from powers of darkness, and in this case, no matter how it’s sliced, the God of the Bible would not use vampires, sexual tension, lust, boyfriend worship, and teenage romance to spread His Gospel of eternal life and salvation through Yeshua.

    Meyer, a Mormon mother of three, states that some of her inspiration in writing her vampire saga came from a band of musicians called Marjorie Fair. “For New Moon, they were absolutely essential. They can put you into a suicidal state faster than anything I know . . . Their songs really made it beautiful for me.” Also an inspiration for one of her characters was a band called My Chemical Romance. She states, “It’s someone . . . who just wants to go out and blow things up.” See mind blowing information about the music industry and a shocking spirituality many are involved in.

    Scaringly, Meyer’s fictional character Edward took on the “terrifying” form of “real” spirit when it leapt from the pages of her saga and communicated with her in a dream. She says she had an additional dream after Twilight was finished when her vampire character Edward came to visit and speak to her. The Edward who visited her in the night told her she’d got it all wrong because he DID drink human blood, and could not “live” on ONLY animal blood as she wrote in the story. She said, “We had this conversation and he was terrifying.”

    Conversation with spirits (saying they need human blood to suck!) and frightening dream visitations by spirits are part of occult communication. Meyer’s spiritual experiences could well be influenced by her Mormon faith which allows for communication with the so-called “the dead”; indeed “the dead” of former generations are baptized into Mormonism in Mormon Temple ritual. Mormon founder Joseph Smith was “visited” by a communicating “angel” called Moroni, whose statue stands atop all Mormon Temples. This fallen angel of Mormonism gave Smith messages on which he formed his Mormon doctrine about prior civilizations, none of which have been discovered despite endless archeological digs to substantiate Mormons claims. Others Mormon teachings conflict with biblical Christianity such as Mormonism’s claim that Jesus (Yeshua) of the Bible is the half-brother of Satan. Mormons additionally believe numerous teachings about the spirits that oppose Bible truths and could help embellish Meyer’s Twilight series.

    In 2007, Stephenie Meyer wrote portions of a work titled, “Prom Nights from Hell,” which is about supernatural events surrounding evil prom nights. On May 6, 2008, she released her adult novel, The Host, which is about “invading alien souls” that take over a person and get them to do what they want. This behavior is called demonic possession, a state Jesus came to set captives free from. Meyer’s so-called fiction “crosses over” to severe occult philosophy.

  39. this is excatly why i am trying to make a site where kids can go where they can be free from this trash. HELLO! both harry potter and twilight were created through dreams, the devil can speak through dreams to.

  40. this is excatly why i am trying to make a site where kids can go where they can be free from this trash. HELLO! both harry potter and twilight were created through dreams, the devil can speak through dreams to. i hope that ppl realise this is so harmful for kids today.

  41. Wonderful that you choose to serve the Lord! I am always glad to meet, in whatever form or forum, those who love the Lord and wish to serve Him. It is sad and painful when such people feel that they need to shut their hearts against some particular gift from God, such as the very great beauty of the Twilight books. I am reminded of the Pharisees, who told Jesus, on the occasion of His joyful entry into Jerusalem, to make His followers be quiet. There was such praise of God, such rejoicing, and yet all that the Pharisees heard was noise. Open your heart and find the goodness in Carlisle’s love, in Edward’s self control, in Alice’s generosity, and rejoice.

  42. Only a fundamentalist Christian could spin such criticism of Meyer’s fictional series.

    Stephanie Meyer is not in contact with demonic spirits.
    The Mormon Church wasn’t founded upon demonic possession.

    So Christine, we are going to believe that a demon named Edward, who is a real vampire from the 17th century is alive and well somewhere and that he invaded Stephanie Meyer’s mind and had a conversation with her?

    Did the demons also invade Meyer’s sisters minds too? They are the ones that persuaded Meyer to have it published (which she didn’t intend to do). Did he invade the minds of the publishers too? How about the readers? Their minds too? (What a load of nonsense.)

    The recent dream that Meyer had was a “nightmare” and not a visitation from a “real Edward Cullen” who sucks real blood.

    Clearly you’ve never had a vivid dream or nightmare before. If you did, was that a demonic possession? Is Meyer, a Mom of three and wife to a loving husband also a witch? Perhaps we should inspect her property for strange brooms and large cauldrons?

    But while we’re on the subject of the “occult and dreams” perhaps you’d like to explain why the New Testament claims a connection between God and dreams?

    Acts 2:17
    “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:”

    How do we know that Stephanie Meyer’s dream wasn’t inspired to write about characters who refrain from acting in agreement with their natural impulses?

    You said that Bella begs Edward to have sex with her but then you failed to include that 1) Edward forbids it and 2) they don’t have pre-marital sex! Sheesh!

    You must be living in another world if you don’t think that teens need that message today.

    I have found however, that fundamentalist Christians will have sex out of wedlock, lie, cheat, steel, get drunk, blaspheme, all while teaching of the evil in and banning books such as Harry Potter and Twilight. (Hypocrisy at its finest.)

    Ultimately it’s not about what you SAY you BELIEVE or THINK, it’s how faith guide actions.

    In the series, Edward Cullen has a weakness. He has a strong urge to kill and give into every pleasure man has, multiplied 1000 times, but he refrains because of the truth, that to kill or to harm is the true evil.

  43. Twilight is not christian but it is better than like Interview with a Vampirie, Many find that twilight is dark and evil but it to me is harmless as long as you keep controll of yourself and not get obsessed with these fake characters that will never be real. I find it so stupid that people are like OH EDWARD ISNT REAL :(. I mean people need to get ahold of themselves. Twilight, yes anti-christian but its not pro death, i mean Edward dosn’t wanna be this way, none of them do but the “live” with it. you can’t always look in the bad in movies, Or books. Cause they’re is always gonna be bad. try to look in the good, like that they aren’t freaks that kill all humans they see. That they wish they could be human, or dead and live like normal people. not….Immortal and forever dead. But i do believe that these books are anti-christian.

  44. This is in reply toJonathan Gibson – just because the authors began writing these books from a dream’s memory does not mean they are satanically infused dreams. God works through dreams as well, after all, that is how He told Joseph not to divorce Mary.

  45. what if i told you i had a wonderful cake for you! and it really tasted good and even looked better! dude that would be so awesome wouldnt it? but what if after you eat it i told you their was some of my *S*** (ed. note – word censored) in it? how would that make you feel about it?

    This analogy reminds me of the devil putting a lot of possible good, with just a little bad? taste good yet? or until the it turns sour in out mouths??

    or in my case i just threw up..

    but seriously please don’t say the sh** word its bad, but what is even worse than that?

  46. Hey i like to see thoughtful discussion on this! Many of my friends seem to be into it, and so i’ve been thinking about it! and after reading what you have said, i just want to say, that was good! I just want to say, that The DEVIL will do anything that is within his power to kill and destroy us! this he does in a subtle ways! I believe that this is a excellent example of how the devil can influence the younger generation, into thinking that this “apple” can be so “delicious” and tricking us! THIS IS HOW THE DEVIL CAN GET US if it isnt one of the ways, than how else can he do it? its his last chance right?!?!?!?!? well all i have to say, is twilight is not something that will bring me closer to God so why would i indulge my self in the (GOOD AND EVIL) of the books/Movies…. i am possibly going against the majority in this possible argument, and that is something sad to see! For me and my household we will serve the Lord. and i dont even have a household, im a 19 year old young adult, that will not break to the devils devices which he has secretly placed for us to hopefully fall!~and i think this SEGA has a lot to say through the series about the tree of good and evil! The serpent was beautiful and beguiling, causing the first sin that coused this crap world to become what it is today!!!! the devil in the tree as a snake, seemed fine, but we all know that the end lead to death, and nothing to special for those poor folks that had to go make gardens in rocky soil!, and live in a dieing state! the twilight seems like it is getting worse, adding some evil as it gos, creating momentum with the youth, and teen pop culture. this is exactly what some one wants? but is it for our good? Please people who read this comment, this is our salvation, for the better or worse, ONE step in either direction!! …..good or evil… or??? good and evil, and isn’t the grass greener there!?!? i like the name, its beguiling! but i really like the beauty of twilight in its beauty as i see it every time the sun reflects its new dawning day, showing me that Jesus is their, and loves us!
    I cant wait to be their with him! some day! can you? hmmm

    If you hate what i said then its ok, because i love you! lol…. …. i dont like to offend, thats mean!… but yeah at least think about and be cautious of what i have just said PLZ>. JUST ROLE STRAIGHT EDGE WIt me! YEH yeh?? haha ;)¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

  47. to ktsweez this is exactly why people like you will get sucked in to it, the devil is subtle, if i was to tell you that the author openly admits to seeing some satanic image in her dream would that make you think. god tells usa not to even watch anything that is satanic.

  48. “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” – Philippians 4:8

  49. I applaud you for taking your stand….I was totally against these books from the begining but then gave in and began reading and have to say I was sucked in. I really got into them. I am a Christian, and I thought well ok…so these isnt anything wrong but then little things would cry out in my spirit. Like when Edward refers to himself and Bella as the “Lion and Lamb” That didnt sit right….then when I got in the 3rd book the nightmares began and the restless sleeping, my husband said it seemed that I was “obbessed” with reading and talking about the books, the last book was where I could not finish….when then talked about Bella’s “rebirth” My Spirit cried out….this is wrong!!!! There is only one rebirth….only one way to be reborn…Through Jesus Chrst…now I know….most of you are rolling your eyes by now saying “this is just a book” but this is what I beleive and how it effected me and my family.

  50. To add….I stopped reading…….and all books are out of my house

  51. I am sorry to hear that you had such an unfortunate experience. It is certainly true that some gifts are better for some people than others. I think, though, it would be more truly Christian to acknowledge that something could be good, even if it is not good for you. I have had several experiences with things that some people tell me are good things, but I can see only the evil in them, only the ways that these things turn people away from God, including but not limited to: diet soft drinks, professional sports, college athletic scholarships, weed control products, broadcast television programs, insecticides, leash laws, beauty pageants, make-up. Would the world be a better place if I had a web site outlining how wicked anyone must be to enjoy any of these things?

  52. Actually Rebecca – yes. I suspect the world might be a better place if you devoted your time and energy to a web site decrying the evil of weed control products. At least it might stop you reading and promoting Twilight….

  53. A scripture has come to my heart I wanted to share…and may have all ready been brought to attention

    Satan Comes as an angel of light / Deceiver THE FATHER OF LIES. John 8:44b

    Satan makes things look good to us….we have our Holy Spirit t discern through the good and evil….it took me a little longer than it usually does….that scares me.

  54. I am glad that you agree with me about weed control products. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  55. Oh, and leaf blowers! How could I forget to mention the horror of leaf blowers! The worst of a bad lot!

  56. I say! Pray about it, and if God tells you it’s ok watch movies and read books from a auther who has satanic happenings, weird dreams portaging things absolutly out of the bible, than maybe twilight is ok!!! Yipi! But for me I prayed about it, and especially because people have night mears, and many other strange happenings, this just can’t be saying to much positive? What do u think??

    ALSO! Think about this..

    Watch your eyes, for sight becomes thoughts, and from thoughts become words, from words we have actions, and actions make charecter, and charecter makes up our desteny!

    So what do u think?? Like how retorical can this be?? Like hello the flood is comming get aboard! Idk!! But that’s how I look at it… It’s too bad because I like twilight, and it’s prety cool, but thoughts And obession with the twilight sega, I know will and can lead me to a unwanted destiny! But that’s my final thought!

  57. And leaf blowers, and leash laws, don’t have a whole lot to do with twilight, that tangent was so funny!! Wow what people use to argue with!! Haha use the bible it’s sharper than grandpas leaf blower!! Haha!!!

  58. i’m a christian, completely committed to living my life for God and always make sure i avoid inappropriate films and literature, but this is just ridiculous. Its a fantasy film.. vampires do not exist, and everyone who watches this film watched with that knowledge. the way bella decides to overcome bloodlust and is in charge of her own fate is in no way anti-christian, at this point she is a vampire, not a human, therefore is now a fantasy figure. If you’re going to label this anti-christian then you’re going to have to call pretty much all the other fantasy films ever made anti-christian as well, the majority of fantasy heros and figures overcome some kind of evil by their own will power and strength. its just fiction, its just a story. yes a lot of teenage girls are slightly obssessed but its only because edward is so good looking, nobody is going to be influenced by this film or bella’s character because vampires do not exist!!

  59. I have to admit I find the defense of twilight hilarious. Did you even read the article or posts before you tried to defend it? Half of you are repeating arguments for twilight that were already shot down. Most everything in this world is a mixed gray, something between black and white. Does that mean you can just say, for example, I’ve baked these cookies with sugar and chocolate and an oz of poop. GO on don’t be shy its only a little be of fecal matter in the whole large batch! Vampires are not real? Really? You don’t say? Did you try to have this conversation with the these murders. or
    Doubtless there are fakes but with so many no way are all of them fake. If we humans can’t control ourselves as is plain at the crime rates, embezzlements, greed and lust that is rampant in our world. Then explain to me how a vampire who has these things increased a hundred fold is somehow able to not fall… Oh I know its fiction but so was this “You will not surely die,…you will be like God…” Gen 3:4-5
    Which in essence is exactly what vampires are made out to be undying beautiful beings of immense power. Having read the original Dracula and the first book of Twilight I can see a very dangerous and disturbing trend. In twilight the evil is so watered down that a little will power will make everything alright and these being by restraining themselves are ‘Good’ because of THEIR efforts because of THEIR own power. They are completely self-sufficient, yet if you really open your eyes they are not. They still require Blood to live. Oh not human blood, yet they must devour animals to live on. LIfe-takers instead of Life-makers. The two are as different as the day is from the night. Pardon the irony of the day/night cycle on the subject of vampires.

    Dracula was the embodiment of lust and evil, affected by holy relics and an enemy of God, yet here is where perhaps the first seeds in this sections were planted. It was not the relics that could save the humans but God, but little by little things were twisted away from God until now its the Vampire that is the savior granting eternal love (lets just admit lust) and endless life. The ‘dark’ side is the hero and the light side the weak victim side.

    No matter how Edward is drawn to be ‘good’ he is still a monster that only refrains from having ‘his way’ with Bella because he would lose his plaything. Someone who as an intense desire to kill (or in his case eat) is certainly not of God. James claims that because their are so many options there is no truth, just because many people believe a lie does not make the lie truth nor reality any less real to what it is. There is only one truth! And I’m not sorry if it makes you uncomfortable that most people from all walks of life are so completely wrong.

    And one other thing James mentioned about Christians doing all the wrong things as non-christians. It is hypocritical but only an idiot would use that argument to justify themselves. Just because everyone jumping off a bridge without any safety gear doesn’t mean its a good Idea or that you will be fine if you do it too. It doesn’t change the fact that your being stupid.

  60. Oh one example of the light and dark side I forgot to mention.
    I don’t remember the exact text its been a long time since I’ve read the book but there is one character ‘human’ who likes Bella and wants to protect her and be with her without forcing himself on her. He says something akin to “I don’t like that Edward Character when he looks at you it looks like he wants to eat you!” Bella smiles at the irony and then leaves and He respects her and leaves her alone in her choice.

    Edward on the other hand stalks her and watches over her when she sleeps, drools over her as his instincts tell him to consume her. Very different people yet the ‘hero’ is the Vampire, and the Human is the well… undesirable wimp not enough to catch her attention.

  61. Most of these last two posts are a little too detached from reality for me to try to respond to (aside to SpesUnica- do you ever find yourself embarrassed by some of the people who seem to agree with you?). One point only I will address: I have heard several times about the cookies with just a little bit of poop added. Somehow this analogy is supposed to condemn utterly whatever it is the speaker is talking about. Unfortunately, in this fallen world of ours, all good is mixed. The tares were sown with the wheat a long time ago, and God said they would not be separated until the harvest (see Matthew 13). I daresay that even the conversation of people such as Arioth contain some amount of undesireable material. Certainly that is the case with any news article in the paper, or on t.v. Does that mean that I should completely reject any conversation with Arioth? That I should never listen to news story? Is there any movie made which has not even a “little bit of poop” in it? Please tell me if you find that movie, or book, or conversation, or news story. I think that when our Lord told us to be in the world, but not of the world (Rom 12) He meant that we must not attempt to isolate ourselves from everything in the world in a mistaken notion that that would ensure our purity. We must take the gifts that we find in the world, imperfect though they are, and offer them up to God, through our service to Him.

  62. Actually Rebecca, I am not at all embarrassed by what Arioth has said. I think Arioth makes some excellent points that are not detached from reality.

    On a side issue – where did you get the notion Rebecca, that in this fallen world of ours all good is mixed? It is certainly not in Catholic theology.
    Is the Eucharist mixed? Is Sacred Scripture – Authored by the Holy Spirit and taught by the Magisterium to be inerrant – mixed?

    This faulty philosophical presumption on your part (that all good is mixed) locks you into an erroneous first principle in your argument, because you have no objective standard of true good to judge anything by… maybe that’s why you are so confused, Rebecca. You need to examine the first principles of your argument. There is unmixed good, and it is possible to judge and discern the relative, objective goodness of mixed things based on the degree of departure from the true good. Any other position is known as “relativism” – a philosophical position condemned by the Church.

    This is the same process of discernment which enables us to make judgments about political candidates. While some would argue your position (all candidates are mixed, therefore we need to find the good…) truth is, we as Catholics were given 5 non-negotiable issues on which to base our vote. Candidates were mixed – sure – but there were some for whom we could not vote with a clear conscience. It IS possible to see how far that which is mixed departs from the true good. As I said, anything else is relativism – which is not Catholic.

  63. I do not at all mean to sound as if I am espousing a relativist position. God is absolutely good. The Eucharist, indeed all the sacraments, are the purest and best way that we can come near to God. I am sorry if I was not communicating clearly. I meant everything of this creation: every spouse, every book, every meal, every sermon, every conversation, every saint. Wasn’t St. Paul always talking about how bad he was? And St. Theresa of Avila always refers to herself as very sinful. And, as you say, political candidates. I have been pretty much a one issue voter. What are the other 4 non-negotiable issues?

  64. The Blessed Virgin Mary is included – both in creation – but in the category of those unmixed goods. Free from sin at the moment of her conception and also full of grace, she is the glory of our race. Of course, the hypostatic union means that the Person of Christ is fully God and fully man – one Person with two natures – so the human nature of Christ which is joined to the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity is also perfect. Obviously, we seek to imitate Christ and, also, the Blessed Virgin as models of human perfection.
    The five non-negotiables in a way can be reduced to two – life and marriage – I suspect you intuit that by speaking of being a single issue voter – but they are 1. Abortion 2. Euthanasia (mercy killing) 3. Embryonic Stem Cell Research 4. Human Cloning and 5. Homosexual “Marriage”
    John McCain was in accord with truth for the most part on issues 1, 2, 4 and 5 – but on issue 3 he was not. Barack Obama was off on 1, 3, 4 and has been ambiguous about 5. I don’t know his position on 2. So – we can make a judgement that McCain was a more “Catholic” vote than Obama. However, McCain was still off on #3. We are permitted to vote for him as the lesser of two evils – but, in the state where I live, Barack Obama was the undisputed victor by a wide margin – so I chose to exercise my vote in a way that took into account all 5 principles and voted for a candidate who held a position in accord with the truth on all 5 issues. If I had been a resident of Ohio, for example, where the race was exceptionally close, I would have had the firm conviction to vote for McCain as the lesser of two evils instead.

  65. I tend to think of abortion, embryonic stem cell research and human cloning as all one issue, and essentially euthanasia is a part of it (all pro-life issues). Whom did you find to vote for that was in accord with truth on all five principles?

  66. In the primary, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul – as well as Alan Keyes, but he was a more minor candidate – held the correct position on the 5 issues. In the general election, Ron Paul threw his support to a Candidate from the very small Constitution Party – Chuck Baldwin – who also held the correct position on the 5 non-negotiables. So, I voted for Baldwin BECAUSE I was not in a competitive state. If I had been in a highly competitive state, I would have voted McCain as the lesser of evils. I did not agree with Baldwin on other issues, but I wanted to vote as a Catholic and make sure I was on the correct side vs. the intrinsic evils (anti-life and anti-marriage positions).

  67. I haven’t read much of what anyone has written here. I am only going to give my personal opinion about the Twilight series.
    I am 40, Christian and enjoy both the books and movies. I don’t feel that they hold anything that would be spiritually damaging to others since it is in fact “fiction” and is sold as such. The writer herself, to my knowledge, isn’t involved in occult practices, she’s just a fictional writer. Unlike the writer of the Harry Potter series of books, and because of that fact alone, I will never read one book of hers.
    I find Twilight no more damaging than The Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Shrek, or most Disney films for that matter.
    It is just a story of good against evil and the love between 2 beings (like Romeo and Juliet). The characters are merely “FICTIONAL”. If you believe otherwise, then you have issues of another sort.
    God gave us an imagination, I enjoy using mine and thoroughly enjoy reading others.
    People who are against these kinds of books mentioned are reading too much into things. You can’t go around chasing demons around every corner, what a stressful and judging way to live.
    Vampire’s don’t exist, they came from the imagination of a one person long ago and they were derived of a good versus evil concept that shows us how we can conquer and triumph.
    Who doesn’t love a story about the noble prince rescuing his princess. Every girl/women’s unrealistic imagination of what a man should be, but isn’t. That’s the fun in fiction!
    I don’t believe for a minute that they are “Anti-Christian”, that’s just ridiculous. When I was reading through, all I could focus on was good and their quest for good in the world as well as their STRUGGLE to be good. Much like the STRUGGLE we go through daily to be good as Christians and how very hard is is to reflect Christ in us.
    People need to get a grip and relax. Use your discernment for pete sake and stop looking for evil. Just prepare against it, don’t seek it. MAN!!!

  68. Well I do understand your view and respect that, but the devil has his side just as well as God, and there is a battle. “Whatsoever things are true, and of a good report think on these things” I don’t see How twilight fits in to this. It’s far better to stay positivily 100% on the side of
    good, right an true. The devil wants us to be distracted, and the movie industry is a way he uses. It is good to ask ourselves, is this helpin me get ready for heaven? Or not? Also, God
    gave is imagination, but he doesn’t allow or condone for the abuse of imiganition of such things as twilight as far as I can see from what I believe an see in this world, and from
    what I read. The devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy.

  69. […] After Bella’s “rebirth” as a vam­pire in Break­ing Dawn, she says, ”I was amaz­ing now – to them and to myself. It was like I had been born to be a vam­pire. The idea made me want to laugh, but it also made me want to sing. I had found my true place in the world, the place I fit, the place I shined.” This is sim­i­lar to rea­son­ing that is used to jus­tify sin in our present age. (spe​sunica​.word​press​.com) […]

  70. The problem with The Twilight Saga is the fact that it is existentialism to its core. It offers multiple “truths” and no absolute truth. Good and evil are merely subjective to the individual. If you want to read the book, I have no problem, but I strongly urge if you are a Christians to find another book. Stephanie Myers is not a Christian, and from interviews it is clear she dislikes Christians and it is apparent in her writing the lack of Godly thoughts. The book is neither a good influence on Christian teens nor is it good for a Christian mentality.

  71. Hello to all. I am a Christian who kept Harry Potter out of the hands of my 3 girls, Now, 20, 14 & 7. The schools were sure to play them in school and even my eldest argued with the pastor of our church because he wanted to watch Harry Potter on movie night at youth group. My children didn’t mind, thus far, my biblical basis for not allowing this in our home, however, Twilight has been a totally different story. The 2 older girls have read 1 or 2 books before I realized the nature of the thing. They act lke I have 2 heads because the movie has “good” in it. They quote “hypocrite” at any allowance of other fantacy allowed such as disney movies ie; sleeping beauty, snow white, etc. I was given no protest of banning Potter – I feel, as a parent, very upset for the children of this generation – Pray for wisdom

  72. Personally…I think you can twist around pretty much anything in the world to find the “evil” in it. On the contrary, you can find good in anything, if that’s what you choose to look for.
    I am a Catholic, and I found these books to be some of the best I’ve ever read. I view them as a source of entertainment. Mentally, I’m stable enough to be able to read fiction for pleasure, and not be swayed in my beliefs. Any person with a good up-bringing, strong faith, and realistic views should be able to do what they want with life, and not be on the verge of slipping over to the dark side–certainly not over reading a fictional novel.
    I never once thought of Twilight as being Anti-Christian while I was reading it. Until today, I wasn’t even aware that people felt this way–which is what brought me googling the term and finding your website.
    Try to see the good in the book instead of the evil. Bella is the most un-selfish person in the world. She always tries to do what is for the good of everyone else and puts herself last. She takes care of her father, and many times assumes the role of parent. Carlisle has devoted his “life” to helping others. Keep in mind that most of these Vampires, albeit fictional characters, didn’t choose to be in their position. Who are we to judge them, when they had no choice in the matter. The Cullens have made the best of their situation by choosing to not harm humans, and to try to live as normal existence as possible.
    Edward and Bella wait until after they’re married to have sex. Bella gets pregnant and once again, puts the unborn child’s needs ahead of her own. She refuses to have an abortion to save her own life.
    Edward is hesitant to turn Bella into a vampire because he believes her soul will be jeopardized. He cares that deeply for her, that even though he wants her for eternity, he’s not willing to chance her soul!
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions–but I think you’re reading way too much into this story. It’s meant for entertainment. If it can really sway teenagers/adults to make bad decisions in their lives, perhaps their faith in god isn’t as strong as it should be.

  73. Bottom line… It’s a book/movie.
    No body is lookin that deep into it. It is not serious. It’s fiction… Just like beauty in the beast or the wizard of oz.

    And to be honest anyone can sit there and critique ANYTHING to make a point they want to get across. You could sit there and say all day that “such and such” is an analogy for ” such and such”. It’s ridiculous. Maybe you should stop spending time critiquing an innocent kids book and get out there and win souls. Really what have you accomplished by critiquing this book? Anyone who likes it will still read it and anyone who doesn’t .. It had nothing to do with your standpoint.
    If you want to get real deep you mention the catholic church in high regard , I can show you how that is in fact wrong and innaccurate to the word of God and how the catholic faith is in fact misleading children and putting another man before God himself. I.e. The pope.
    Youve picked a lost battle buddy. Your making yourself look silly

  74. IN REGUARDS TO Comment by Lauren on July 12, 2010 – How can you say that. listen the devil is very subtle ok he does not come in guns blazing because ‘Christians’ would see the signs and stay back, but what he does do is slowly and more cunninly decieves us by bringing into the movies things that are Against God. It may seem harmless but do you knw how many of this young people who are into this have turned away from god because the want to follow the accult the person who wrote twilight qouted that spirits came to her in here dreams and give her the ideas for this. you see you dont get it, each time a big film thats fantisy cames out it becomes more accult led and more graphic. it started with movies like hocus pocus and then harry potter and the twilight and each time it gets alot more led by the accult.

    and the fact that Christians are defending this film is not only satanic but it says in the bible that christians will be decieved , guess what, THEY ARE! wake up and see that this is wrong and another note. I am A Christian and i wish other christians will stand by me on this and not the devil.

  75. PS I AGREE the cathlic church is wrong and we worship God and God only

  76. I agree! 100% thank you jonathan!
    I have been following this blog, and it just makes me sad when I see people defending these things. The same issue I have had with music. The devil is smart and he knows How to fight the spiritual warfare. Every compromise that we make, continues to compromise our Our spiritual depth. All satin wants is to put a smoke screen of evil out there, a tree of good and evil, a mixed up color of black and white; in order to blind us from what we may have seen otherwise. If it doesn’t bring us closer to God then it is not fit for us. In fact it doesn’t matter all this arguing about little specifics what I believe really matters is who are we serving, what do we want to become. If we want to go down the easy road, or up the narrow road of rightness? There is no middle road. Their cannot be. There is right and wrong, there is a black and there is a white.

  77. Thanks Josh its sad that we hardly have Christians stating this is wrong considering this is suppose to be a blog against it. I agree its not just twilight its music, tv shows and even schools. Please visit my website its a teen website for advice hope you can use it for any one you know,

  78. AMEN josh. Its good to see someone fighting against the devil and his misleading ideas that he gives christians, i hope you see that ppl like me and you need to stand up ands speak saying that this stuff is wrong and ur right its not just twilight its tv sitcoms, music and even schooll is turning into a place where good is looked down on and bad is praised.

    please feel free to visit my site a teen advice site for teens to give and take advice

  79. My dad says that twilight is bad because it’s bat vampires but my mom says it’s okay I really want to read those books and watch the films but I am scared that god will be angry please help

  80. Hi Confused13yrold , i hope i get to speak to you before some one else on here, am sorry to tell you but the books and the movies are bad the bible tells us to stay away from anything of the accult including witchcraft, vampires, spiritist plus anything thats not of God. teenage girls atm are being sucked into this book and the movies and its not onlywrong but it is distracting the from god, please visit my website and ask for advice there and add me will help you more.

    God Bless

  81. I really think that Christians spend way too much time telling other people how to live, what to do, what to watch, what is anti-christian, etc. I find it hard to believe that movies such as the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter could garner so much negative attention from a group of people who claim that love and acceptance are their primary attributes. So many Christians practice hatred and intolerance, thereby missing the point of being Christian in the first place. That doesn’t even begin to touch on how skewed, rewritten, and fasley interpreted(many times purposely) the bible actually is. For example, most Christians believe that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt when in actuality slavery as we know it was not a part of Egyptian institutions. The word in Hebrew is Avadim which means worker or workman, or construction worker. It is not the word for slave. Open your bible to Exodus and you will also find that it claims Moses crossed the RED sea. But in the orignal Hebrew, it says that Moses crossed the REED sea. Which is more of a tidal swamp than a body of water. And besides all that, should people really get their morals and values from a book such as the Bible in the first place? Before you answer, remember what Joshua did to an entire race of people. He slaughtered Cannanites by the tens of thousands. As did his predecessors, as did millions of Christians throughout History. During the first inquisition when Constantine made Christianity Rome’s official religion, during the crusades, and a whole host of other barbaric historical events supposedly done in the name of Christianity and the Bible. The truth is that religion is a method of control, and those who allow themselves to be controlled are the ones who kick up the most fuss when things come along that contradict their indoctrinated beliefs and values. My advice is to live and let live. Get your values from what is in your heart. There is a God, but believe me he has nothing to do with organized religion of any kind. Spending ones life trying to bend others to ones own beliefs and will, is not the path to enlightened spirituality.

  82. I am responding to a comment that Edward only abstains from sex because he is afraid of losing control and/or hurting Bella. In ECLIPSE (the third book), he talks about how they would have courted 100 years earlier (when he lived as a human) and he says how waiting for marriage is the only rule he hasn’t broken so he wants to keep it that way. (Prior to joining Carlisle’s “vegetarian” family, he did kill criminals) I was very glad to see that this explanation was also given in the movie.

  83. You pointed out nothing worth of notable interest. All you people do is find reasons to say anything and everything aside from your little world is unchristian. You know what, who cares. All you people tend to do is sit back, and judge EVERYTHING. It’s not your place and definitely against your bible.

    SO why don’t you take your judgmental attitudes and shove it up your ass.

  84. “Whatever” are you responding specifically to my comment? Not sure how I provoked such a hostile attitude.

  85. I can’t believe what I just read. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen in my entire life. You have taken these quote completely out of context, and twisted them so they seem worse than they really are. It’s not like she writes things like “God isn’t real.” You christians need to stop being so ignorant and get over yourselves; not everything is targeting you and your religion. She wouldn’t have even thought of those things when writing it.
    You need to stop reading into it so much, and just enjoy the story.

  86. I think you bring an interesting perspective into the whole twilight paradigm. These are things I’ve never really considered. I have heard that Meyer is a Mormon and that she brings in a lot of Mormon ideologies but I haven’t considered it as anit-Christian. I think there are many problems with the series but more so that Bella’s dependence on dull and yet attractive dud like Edward Cullen is more of a feminist issue. I think forgetting and losing yourself because an attractive, brooding, and “special” person likes you is a damaging message for young girls. There is nothing empowering Bella except Edward and that makes me just a little sad. But getting back to the anti-Christian issue. I really don’t think that the author intends to make any anti-Christian implications whatsoever. That doesn’t mean that your points are invalid by any means but that perhaps there is just a misunderstanding. There may be just a little too much reading between the lines here. God Bless!

  87. Hi this is to all of you justifying ‘Twilight’ the bible Clearly states that we should not have any part with the occult including vampires. witches, demons and all of that stuff.

    The devil comes in sheep clothing: in other words he starts of putting movies in our minds that seem Harmless and innocent but as new moves come out you will see them getting darker and more towards the occult and less about nice vampires, there is a movie coming out this friday (7th) which proves my point its about witches and it follows a dark story line with more evil than twilight. its just the start.

    So Christians stop justifying these Movies from satan and start standing up for God and saying NO to twilight and any other movie like it.

    Twilght is WRONG I’m RIGHT because i obey God and he as shown me and many others that this is wrong. dont be blinded look beyond the sheep clothings.

  88. hmmm..

    If you observe the current and voice conceptions of the masses of people you may note that religion in ANY fanatical representation is viewed as ‘narrow.’

    I was thinking that there would have to be someone out there with a blog on the anti Christian message of a fiction series, so I google’d and HERE IT IS. Congratulations, on conforming the the stereo-type.

    I fail to see how many things these days are not Anti Christian.. But then again, what IS Christian? The crusades.. were they Christian?

    BTW. Filling Children’s heads with dogmatic nonsense to create an army of drones rather than a generation of free thinkers is not a step forward. There is a reason that these things get left behind us, or we would still be sacrificing virgins to our primitive gods.

    Here is a question.. Do you believe in the Egyptian gods? Do you believe in the Indian gods? Do you believe in the Chinese gods? Do you believe in the Greek gods?

    Do you believe in the Christian god?
    In another 2000 years, the reigning religion will be the sciences and all the tall stories of the distorted fiction novel you call the Bible will be archived in the history books alongside the fanatical barbarism and stupidity closed in our darkest chapters of evolution.

    God and the afterlife are concepts spawned from frightened minds.
    There is a “greater power”.. But heaven and hell are bed time stories.

    The earth is not flat people…

  89. Dear Spesunica,
    You are not helping your case.

    I respect your belief. Respect agnostics/atheists. Don’t argue back to them God does exist because I said so. Don’t try to convert them! They will turn away disgusted and steadied in their conviction that you are hypocritical/ignorant/holier-than-thou. Trust me, most agnostics/atheists do live good lives along the lines of the Ten Commandments without acknowledging the existence of God, and they don’t want to be told that that is only possible through God’s divine grace. That is disrespectful. YOU CANNOT SAVE ALL. Don’t try, but give a good example without being SNOOTY about it. That is the only way you may convert some. Besides, you have no right to be snooty, since all the agnostics/atheists are directly going to go: ah, but the crusades, ah, but the inquisition and the torture, ah, but the demonisation of jews, ah, but the mass murders on the Huguenots!
    I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but you need to understand how you come across on those who might otherwise feel for your plight in this sexualised world: you turn them off. I truly am not trying to hate on you, I’m trying to give you constructive criticism. I hope you welcome it.

    I want to remark that books are not written to accomodate Christians.

    That is a type of censure that would be appropriate only in a theocracy (like Afghanistan or Iran). Coming from a severe Christian background, I understand why you would say that the books are unchristian, and I find your antichrist analysis compelling–you may be right there, the use of biblical imagery certainly points that way (then again, I don’t believe that the devil exist, don’t tell me he does). Then keep your children away from the books as I would mine from a humanitarian/feminist point of view. But you are not going to convince anyone with this argument. Show them why Bella betrays her humanity. Show them the Cullen’s regard for humanity is only skin deep (as long as they don’t know the hunted humans, it’s okay). Show them vampirism is not a good analogy for sex, now or ever. And tell most of all that had Bella done all the things she did with Edward with a normal human male, there would have been a child born for every installment of the series (but I think you did that 🙂 ). Abstinence, Christian abstinence, is the deliberate choice of two people not to lie in one bed together despite all their sexual yearning, not not having sex because otherwise one of the partners would be torn into thin bloody strips; and true love is happy and gives self-worth to the lovers, not self-destructive emo idolising. So you see, I really agree with you.
    Thank you for your site. It has been very interesting.

  90. Dear Hannah –
    Thank you for your comments. I cannot “convert” anyone – I don’t have any power to do such a thing – but I can speak truth. The reaction of others resides within their own will. It is not disrespectful to speak truth. It is highly respectful. I will not lie to someone in order to receive their praise. That is disrespectful. It values what I can GET from another (warm feelings from their praise) over what I can GIVE to another (honesty, integrity, truth…).
    God alone can save – and He has given every human person free will. They are free to reject His grace if they want to. It is sad that they would want to, though….
    I am glad you were able to find aspects of this site interesting.
    God bless.

  91. I would like to add that we are not telling people how to live their lives GOD IS, we are sharing the world of God to ppl, your trying to make excuses to justify watching twilight. most of u on here are “if it feels good” Christians, you want to be Christians as long as you are able to keep doing the things that feel good.

  92. I just want to say thank you. I am a new believer and I needed some guidance about the Twilight series. Twilight used to be my favorite book, movie, and Robert Pattinson used to be one of my favorite actors; so it was hard for me to even begin to think about not watching the next movie that’s coming out. I read what you said and some of the comments and it helped me decide to not go. 🙂 Praise the Lord for drawing me to the site and using you as a tool to guide me down the path of righteousness and to help me grow in sanctification.

  93. AMEN WWJD, you a one of few Christians that except that twilight is not of God. if you would like to talk to me further please email any time

    God bless

  94. Simple question… You find Twilight antiChristian because Bella lives for Edward and not God. I do agree that that is NOT the way we should live. But it’s called a fictional romantic book for a reason.

    If this is what you hold against it, what about, well say Romeo and Julliet. They died for each other nevermind lived. So if Twilight is antiChristian so is Romeo and Julliet. Why don’t you write something on that? Romeo and Julliet would even be worse in comparison because Julliet being only a 15 year old girl had sex before getting married. It also promotes going against your parents’ authority etc. So if Twilight is antiChristian, what is Romeo and Julliet? Down right demonic?

    I think you take something that is meant as pure fictional romance and turning and changing it as if to be the worst thing under the sun.

  95. Oh and:

    “I would like to add that we are not telling people how to live their lives GOD IS, we are sharing the world of God to ppl, your trying to make excuses to justify watching twilight. most of u on here are “if it feels good” Christians, you want to be Christians as long as you are able to keep doing the things that feel good.”

    That’s called judgement. GOD teaches us NOT to judge……. I’ll share God’s word with you then:

    Matthew 7
    1Judge not, that ye be not judged.

  96. its not because bella loves edward more than God, it is the satanic aspect of the book that makes it wrong.

  97. Does going to Twilight glorify God whatsoever? Does going to Twilight give you a good testimony? Were here to glorify God, not glorify ourselves. Going to Twilight (if your a believer) gives nonbelievers the impression that it’s okay to go to movies that promote idolatry and satanism. I consider that a bad testimony to the Lords name. If we do have the desire to glorify God and we want to be pleasing to Him, then we wont go to it unless you can someway find a God-glorifying reason to go to it.
    Jesus didn’t die on the cross so we can walk on the line. Were either in or out. In- we deny ourselves and pick up our cross daily; in other words, give up Twilight to glorify God. Out- we don’t care that God crushed His only Son for our sins and we do what we want. If were believers, the Holy Spirit will work in us and give us the desire to WANT to please God rather than please ourselves. 1 Cor 10:31 “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
    Praise God.

  98. I’m not sure if anyone is still following this, but…

    I’m a Christian, although it’s only fair to be honest in stating that I think I would have some disagreements about various aspects of faith with the author of this article if we sat down and had a long talk. THAT being said, I truly think he’s on to something here. There are so many aspects of the Twilight saga that are genuinely disturbing (and yes, I’ve read all the books several times and seen the movies!)

    Bella really does turn Edward into an idol after knowing him for only a FEW DAYS/WEEKS, complete with interior monologues such as (“I couldn’t allow him to have this level of influence over me… it was unhealthy pg. 74, of course, it gets infinitely worse!), (“it really seemed like my life was about him” pg. 251), lots and lots of fainting, Edward saving her life as a kind of Christlike metaphor, and let’s not forget how she decided to give up her mortal life at the age of SEVENTEEN so she could always be with him as a vampire! 😛

    The last one is the worst, of course. Isn’t she treating him like God? How and why did she get to this point after knowing him for a VERY short time? Where is her moral center? (well, nowhere…) This just seems so very, very wrong… I don’t care what kind of other messages (chastity before marriage, vegetarian vampires, blah blah blah) Stephenie Meyer threw in as window dressing; there’s something creepily wrong with the Twilight saga at some basic spiritual level, and I don’t think you have to be any kind of fundamentalist Christian to see it.

  99. You must be really fucking retarded, huh? Twilight is not anti-Christian. If you believe that, you are a dumbass. It’s nothing more than fantasy. Get over yourself, you Jesus freak, and stop spreading this bullshit!

  100. I realize that I am a couple years late on this. However, I can not believe how this was over dramatized. I am a Christian,I believe in the Bible, In God. What does a FICTION novel have to do with my beliefs? Number one I would like to point out that not all those in the Bible were perfect, yet God still loved their imperfections including all of them in the writings. So who are we to judge these for everybody else? Shes (the author) is not coming out and saying not to believe in God, in fact references to God, and shows the battles that we all face in feeling like we arent worthy, in an over emphasized way through the Cullens. Regardless of whatever has been delt to them they chose to be good throughout the series. How does it get dark? All institutions of God are held sacred by Edward including marriage, and honoring his wife as Bella does to him. They honor their families holding them scared and protecting them. How many movies or tv shows display that type of message of morality? My next point to make is that there is so much of the Bible that has been proven to be missing and mistranslated. In fact everyone has their own interpretations of it. Its our job to judge for ourselves what is good or bad, and to search truths for ourselves. Not everything is one sided. Just like in the Bible there is the good and bad, our job is to shift through the information and take the message from it ourselves. I dont see how using folklore in a book overshadows the good morals it provides us. Some kids dream of being superman or wonder women and we get them the little figurines and costumes. Would you consider that worshiping idols as well? Its just being creative thinking about all of the possibilities our minds can come up with. There can be many arguments against Santa Claus , the Easter Bunny, or like I said Super Heros to be Anti- Christian. But to do so would down play the message the depict. Its human nature to want to be invincible. In fact in the Bible it says we were made in Gods image and that we are to be like God. What exactly does that mean? We dont know exactly. We can take peices of all our religions, beliefs, personal encounters and peice them together to make a decision for ourselves what it could mean. The characters in Twighlight just exagerate the common human flaws and strentghs. It displays battles of good and evil, and THE MAIN POINT OF THE SERIES I GATHERED WAS NOT TO JUDGE, another interesting similarity it shares with the Bible. PS Im not LDS but for those of you that judge it as being a cult, I would strongly reccommend you hold your tongue until you research and actually get to know people of that religion. What makes you think your translation of the Bible makes your religion right? You dont know so please dont point fingers, no one religion is perfect because its ALL MANMADE. We have all taken Gods word and translated it into what we want it to be because we all have different interpretations.

  101. Very well said. It is a relief to discover I am not the only one to whom this occurred. I would go even further and say, from a Catholic’s point of view, the concept of slaughtering innocent victims for the sake of maintaining eternal life via blood, is a mockery of faith , a perversion to the concept of everlasting life and an offense to Christ’s sacrifice.

    Anyway, trash like Twilight comes and goes, but I certainly hope its impact on film and literature (and of course, the understanding of what is truly important) is not too significant. Troubling, just the same though. I suggest to any (Twi-hard?) a great book called Crime and Punishment which is a great reflection of sin and its backlash.

    Again, well said. Your analysis is an intelligent take on an otherwise foolish piece of work. Wouldn’t it be interesting is Meyer wrote another book about Bella’s regret at never being able to enter heaven? Now THAT would be a good story.

    God bless.

  102. […] is the organized religious opposition to the film, such as the response by many Christian groups to Twilight or the Harry Potter films? Surely, someone somewhere takes issue with the (albeit tame) images of […]

  103. i have read a couple of the comments here and i don’t see the sense of most of them.twilight being anti christian????? i just cant understand why most christian tend to drag beliefs into certain things.In my own opinion the nook and the movie is just showing how
    much Bella cared for Edward and is willing to do whatever it takes to be with her love.That is not anti christian.The fact that Edward is a vampire doesn’t simple mean he must be ridiculed.a matter of fact he wasn’t the person who made him self like that.Didn’t the bible teach that everyone is equal in gods sight? whether you live as good or evil,when we die we will all go to the same place.that is under the ground.the story isn’t even real….its only depicting circumstances and difficulties people face and how they have overcome there obstacles to gain true happiness with each other.most things nowadays are anti christian,if you study the bible very well you will realize that i isn’t even rue.what i know for sure that there is a god who have created us and all things but no one knows which religion is the wrote the bible, were they in existence to tell what happened when god was on earth if he was here…? to be the things written in the bible could be like playing Chinese telephone (the things said in the beginning is not the things written last.remember
    there are false prophets.the person who started this anti christian
    story, this is a word of advise.instead of judging people and there
    beliefs and stories and movies do some research first and secondly, remember you dont share the same beliefs as everyone else.and you can never be sure that what you believe is “truth” so pray for us and ask the creator to help us to the right thing and help us find

  104. wow…all of you that tried to defend the twilight series, my heart goes out to you. I have read the books and watched the first two movies. I started reading the books when i was a sophomore in high school and you can see that by just looking at my grades. They went down hill really fast. I was so obsessed with reading these books that I wouldn’t do any of my school work, or do just enough to get by. But the thing was that i knew deep down inside that it was wrong all along, but that’s where the rebellion came in. My parents didn’t agree with me reading them, but I just ignored them. And as for you that think that it is harmless fiction and that everyone knows that…i beg to differ. I know many many people who wrap their lives around this stuff just as if it were real. It becomes their reality. And as for vampires not being real…the kind of vampires that are the Cullens and the Volturi do not exist, but there are really people out there that drink blood (animal and human) and haven’t you ever heard of cannibals…hello…and it is very much demonic. And also i would like to say that the fact that the wolf pack aren’t just werewolves they are shape shifters, which is also demonic and goes against everything that is in the bible. Sure some of you may just see this as another fad that our culture has bought into but in reality it is much more than that.

  105. I agree with all your anti-christian and anti-Christ theories and opinions about Twilight series. I didn’t like Edward anyway….but…what about Jacob? I mean what do you guys have to say about his character? What does he represents in our spiritual reality? I get it. Bella is the human being subject to temptations, Edward is the light-bearer lucifer…but what’s Jacob’s role in all this? Does he represents anything?

  106. a vampire is undead and unholy, they take a nice girl, kristen stewart and try to get her to conform to their antichrist agenda. i;d rather have kids watch porn than this unholy garbage.

  107. Hey, you can still Email if you want to. I’m Noelle and I am 22 Years Old. I am Christain and I have been a Christain since I was 13 Years Old. I have been going to Church My Whole Life. I LOVE God! You are So WRONG about Twilight. You said that Edward Cullen is the Anti-Christ or that He is like the Anti-Christ. Edward Cullen is NOT REAL, He is MADE UP, He is FAKE. Well the Holy Bible says the Anti-Christ is REAL! So by saying Edward Cullen is the or is like the Anti-Christ, you are saying the Anti-Christ is FAKE and MADE UP. You saying Edward is the Anti-Christ, is like saying FAKE Money is REAL Money. What’s FAKE is FAKE and What’s REAL is REAL!!!! With what you said YOU just made Satan Happy without even knowing it. So know that I have PROVEN You were WRONG for saying Edward Cullen is the or is like the Anti-Christ. Were you trying to say that the Guy who plays as Edward Cullen, Which is ( Robert Pattinson). Were you trying to say that Robert Pattinson is the or is like the Anti-Christ?????? If you were trying to say that then LOL. Robert Pattinson has been in other Movies besides Twilight. Robert Pattinson was in one of the Harry Potter Movies. He died in the Harry Potter that he was in. Also you do know that Robert Pattinson isn’t a real Vampire. If you were trying to say that Robert Pattinson, Himself is the Anti-Christ then your WRONG Again. Many other Christains like Yourself have tryed to play God by calling out the name of who the think is the or acts like the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have said that Harry Potter is the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have said that the Guy who plays as Harry Potter is the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have said that that both of the 2 Girls that Wrote Harry Potter and Twilight are the Anti-Christ. Some Christains said that Johnny Depp is the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have said that Stephen King is the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have said that Tim Berton is the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have said Criss Angel is the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have said that Obama is the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have said that Billy Ray Cyrus is the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have said that Jackie Chan is the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have said that Santaand anyone who acts as Santa is the Anti-Christ. Some Christain have said that Pokemon is the Anti-Christ. Some Christains have even said that the Easter Bunny and anyone who acts as the Easter Bunny is the Anti-Christ. First of ALL The Bible as there will be ONE Anti-Christ, NOT 2 or More, Just (1) ONE. So A Whole Lot of Christains have been Lying and Lying is a SIN! YOU are WRONG like so many others. Twilight and the People in The Twilight Movies are NOT the Anti-Christ. There REASON why some Christain believe that those People and things that I said up above, they think are the Anti-Christ or they think has something to do with the Anti-Christ. It’s because ALL those People and Things are Different, Weird, Odd, and Dark. Just because something is Weird doesn’t mean it’s a SIN, EVIL, BAD, or of the Devil. God made everyone Different and everything Different. God doesn’t want us ALL to be the Same and Look the Same and act the Same. God even made Twins to be Different. There REASON why most Christains think ALL Dark People, ALL Dark Books, ALL Dark Movies, ALL Dark Songs, ALL Dark Places, ALL Dark Rides, ALL Dark Games, and ALL Dark Things, Not everything and everyone in the Dark is EVIL, is a SIN, or is of the Devil. The Reason Why is because MOST Christains are still SCARED of the Dark or Darkness. Most Christains never out grow the Fear of the Dark. Which is SILLY to ME. After ALL God made the Dark. God Made Light and God Made Dark. I LOVE the DARK! My Dad who is a GREAT Man told me when I was little that Monsters are NOT REAL and God is LOVE and God is ALWAYS in Controll No Matter What!!!! More Christain Mom’s and Dad’s should teach and tell those 3 things that My Daddy Told ME!!!! Twilight Books and Movies and Harry Potter Books and Movies are NOT SINS, SINFUL, EVIL, or of the Devil. First and for most Twilight and Harry Potter are FAKE, MADE UP, and NOT REAL. Christains like YOU say just because it’s MADE UP has nothing to do with it being a Sin or Evil but it has everything to do with that. For something to be a Sin or Evil it has to be REAL or that’s like saying a sheet of Paper is a Sin or is Evil. It’s just Paper. Twilight is about Vampires and Werewolve. Vampires are NOT REAL!!!! Vampires are FAKE and MADE UP!!!! Some Christains say the REASON why Vampire Books and Movies are BAD, a SIN, or EVIL is because Vampires are Demons. First of ALL Demons are REAL and Vampire are NOT REAL. So for Christains saying Vampires are Demons, they are saying Demons are FAKE and NOT REAL. Just because someone says there are a Vampire or thinks they are a Vampire, that Doesn’t Really make them a Vampire. ALL it makes them is a LAIR or CRAZY. That’s like someone saying there the King of England or thinking there the King of England, that doesn’t make them the King of Englang. So Vampires are NOT REAL but there are REAL People that think they are Vampires. Those kinds of People are CRAZY and LAIRS and are Evil and Sinful. Next thing Werewolves are NOT REAL they are FAKE and MADE UP. Some people Believe that if a Wolf Bites someone they will turn into a Werewolf or that if a Demon filled Wolf Bites someone they turn into a Werewolf. People and Christains too, believe so DUMB made up LIES. I LOVE All the Animals that God made. I know. Pretty much everything there is to know about ALL Animals. If a Wolf Bites someone and they wait around until Full Moon to get help they are DUMB and the will most likey DIE. If a Wolf Bites someone 4 things will either happen. 1: The Wolf will Kill you and Eat you because it’s animal and it thinks you are Food. 2: You are Missing a Body Part because the Wolf eat it off you. 3: You get close to Dying, so you have to stay in the Hosital. 4: You get Rabies because the wolf had Rabies. When a Wolf Bites someone they DON’T turn into a Werewolf. Think about it if a Demon filled Cat bites someone do they turn into a Werecat? If a Demon filled Tiger Bites someone do they turn into a Weretiger? If any Animal Bites someone do they turn into the same animal? NO they Don’t. First of all Animals Can’t and Don’t have Demons in them. Second of ALL. If a Animal Bites Someone, that Boy or Girl gets Badly Hurt or even Killed, they don’t turn into the Animal that Bites them. I have a lot more to say, so Email at, if you want to talk to me more. God is Love. God Bless You.

  108. Noelle, you need to read a little more closely. There isn’t much to LOL at here. Just because something utilizes the imagination doesn’t mean it can’t be sinful. People sin in their minds all the time – especially through fantasy. Men and women who are in pornographic movies are actors and actresses. That doesn’t mean it is not sinful to watch pornography because it isn’t “real”….

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